28 November 2013

If I could live with L E S S ...

This holiday brings me to the Stockholm home that once belonged to fashion blogger Elin Kling of Sweden (who I must say has that understated elegance about her, even in jeans), and it is up for grabs.  I am away in LA this week on my "staycation" with family, away from hectic New York City.  I have said this before--  it truly is a discipline to live with less, and is quite admirable and certainly rewarding to have such serenity within your living and breathing home environment.  Must always treat is as your own personal sanctuary…  Who needs a spa when your home acts as one?  And a smaller space is quite the challenge.  Now, if I could only live with LESS…

Many Thanks to My Scandinavian Home for constantly exposing me to these inspirational spaces and great ideas!  Niki truly is one of my heroes.

27 November 2013

This flat screams K R i S P I N T E R I O R !

This flat just exudes KRiSP styling, but belongs to fashion blogger Rebecca Centren of Sweden, who has the right fashion elements:  raw concrete, copper, strong black+white contrasts, marble, raw plywood, new and distressed cognac leather.  A great mix of IKEA, vintage finds, and designer pieces. The trick is in the M I X!  I'm moving in!

26 November 2013

Laurel Hardware Los Angeles

This has been my long-awaited visit to Los Angeles!  Often I'm extremely thankful for these hectic holidays as they are an excuse to visit my favorite cities.  Tonight is dedicated to a beautiful restaurant and bar which salutes the industrial edge in terms of its interior design.  The best part is the store signage!  I love those touches especially in commercial spaces.  A reservation has been made to seat my loved ones on one of the communal tables…  I chose this atmosphere as opposed to a sit-down sleepy dinner, as I hear Laurel Hardware becomes a scene once dinner is over.  So excited!

23 November 2013

Toogood to miss!

Faye Toogood has created her own personal paradise in her London home for her family.  A fantastic and eclectic mix of old and new, light and dark.  One level is all light, and the other dark and moody.  It is so personal, that it changes, constantly evolving.  My admiration grows the more I study these images.  

22 November 2013

Weekend Inspiration: S C A L E

A lot of people are afraid to play with scale.  Maybe it truly takes a skillful eye to make it feel and look right.  This weekend I am inspired by the ballsy play with scale in this kitchen!  Yup, I'd do this too!  I just  L O V E  it!

Kitchen by Faye Toogood


20 November 2013

Wednesday Words

Don't be so sure of yourself...

I love this quote!  I can't remember where I found it...  My apologies.

19 November 2013

California Dreaming

My end goal is California.  I think I can get my dream home in that environment.  The sun for some reason shines differently there, I've noticed!  This Melbourne kitchen is my California Dreaming materialized!  It's partly my black kitchen dream!  Mine would have black cabinets throughout though.  Looove the midcentury influence.  Designed by architect Clare Cousins.