15 April 2017

H A P P Y E A S T E R !

I'm not one for crafty things, but this D.I.Y. mug is a must-have, don't you think? Hop on over to Jewelry & Stuff for instructions...

Milica Nicolic is one creative bunny on Etsy. 

13 April 2017

Holiday Escape in Mallorca

In my mother country, Easter is celebrated in the hometown where our parents have spent their childhood years. It is also the time where the family can gather and enjoy a week off their hectic lives in the city. In between there are rituals celebrating the Passion of the Christ, and Easter Sunday being the highlight of it all. Weekend getaways are the usual fare in the midst of it.

While I'm away on holiday in the tropics right this moment, it still doesn't fail to get inspired by other destinations this time of year. Today let's take a peek at this Danish architect's home in Malloca:

Architect Claus Bjarrum set up this minimal and rustic holiday home. The rough textures and achromatic schemes are just the perfect recipe for relaxation. Makes you want to forget your busy life for a minute or two, which can be real nice. That pool is extremely inviting!

The Style Files via Est Magazine
Architecture Claus Bjarrum

Holiday Escape in Mallorca  |  K R i S P I N T E R I Ö R

05 April 2017

Niki's Reading Corner

It was thrilling to see Niki Brantmark's new reading corner. Oh swoon, those textures and muted colours! I'm currently working on our bedroom in our new flat (our reading corner is "not quite there yet") and this is a definite interior inspo for the week. A fan of rustic interiors, I zeroed in on that stool | side table. Those linens too are truly delectable.

If you're a fan of My Scandinavian Home like myself, read all about Niki on KRiSPINTERIÖR's interview on what makes her world tick here.

My Scandinavian Home
Styling Genevieve Jorn
Photography Niki Brantmark

03 April 2017

Dream Apartment

This little baby is for sale.

A spot somewhere in Stockholm, previously owned by photographer Emily Laye is now for sale.  Tasteful styling is done by one of my favorites, Josefin Hååg. The minimal gallery corner is perfectly tucked amidst the overall monochromatic grey environs. What a wonderful balance of art, lighting choices, and finishes. Wish I could move in right now.

Source T.D.C. via Per Jansson
Styling Josefin Hååg
Photography Emily Laye 

01 April 2017

IKEA PS 2017

Are you as excited as I am with the upcoming IKEA PS 2017 launch? Well, I've been obsessed with the PS lighting since last year. I wonder what's next. Here's a peek!

elv's via IKEA livet hemma
photography Ragnar Ómarsson

31 March 2017

An Escape to the French Mediterranean

The weather has been gorgeous here on the West Coast. Needless to say, the inspiration for exterior spaces are bountiful. And with the countdown of my tropical vacation I am beyond exhilarated! My swimsuit has arrived in the mail and my packing list has begun. Visions of the Mediterranean continue to haunt me... Oh how I miss the Santorini skies and blue seas. I will be on the other side of the world this time around, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming.

This beautiful spot on the French Mediterranean is designed by a young architectural duo Humber and Poyet. Though they are known for their high end design and luxury, this particular getaway place is perfect for those turquoise waters. Rustic and casual, and yet meeting the simple but elegant touches such as brass fixtures. Ahh, take me there now...

Architecture Humber and Poyet

 An Escape to the French Mediterranean |  K R i S P I N T E R I Ö R

29 March 2017

One Pic Wonder

 My mind has been a spinning wheel recently. Living in California has given our lives new meaning, and a new love for the outdoors unforeseen. Oh yes, a brand new life indeed (coming from a very exciting and cramped concrete landscape of New York City to now green walks on mountains and trails). Our bedroom has a balcony that have yet to be furnished so inspiration is constant and store visits have been frequent in search for the perfect outdoor solution.  I keep going back and forth and what suits us best. And truly, simpler is better... I am quite drawn to this simple and inviting little set-up. Now I'm REALLY excited.

Residence Magazine
Photo Designmag.fr

15 March 2017

The Ideal Bunk

Children's rooms are often a challenge. Is there a way to make it look sophisticated and yet not losing the essence of being child-like and still be filled with room for fantasy, imagination and function? Why, yes! One of the most sought-after group of designers did the perfect job in customizing an efficient and inspiring modern bunks-- Workstead.

Every little nook and cranny is a spot for storage. And those bunks can make a child's imagination run wild with a construction imitating a tiny house. The room design also offers a wide span of free floor space to roam and play, as well as built-in storage and desk area for study.

The space embraces the architecture of narrow New York City spaces. The high ceilings allow natural light to flood through large windows and a transom above the bedroom door.

Workstead is a fast-growing company with utmost quality in craftsmanship and aesthetic. I must say they are one of my favorite design firms. Workstead was previously featured on KRiSPINTERIÖR for their work on both hotel design, as well as residential in and around NYC, shown here, here and here.

Source Remodelista via Workstead
Interior Design Workstead 
Photography Matthew Williams

13 March 2017

The Attic Apartment

I have many, many dream apartments. One of them is living in an attic, with all the rough textures, trusses and walls intact.

Oracle Fox

The Attic Apartment | K R i S P I N T E R I Ö R

12 March 2017

Dream Little Bedroom

I wouldn't mind an open concept bedroom with a dream closet... This only works with a well-edited, well curated minimalist wardrobe, of course. Are you one of those people? Then this inspiration is for you.

CLD via Alvhem
Styling Sarah Widman

11 March 2017

Grey Kitchen

Minna Jones has the perfect little grey kitchen...

The kitchen is designed by Minna Jones herself, and finished it off with the perfect shade of grey by Teknos NCS S -6502 -Y.  Accessorized with products by IKEA, Marimekko, Frama, Menu and Lampe Gras.

Minna as one of my old school favorite stylists dating back to Scandinavian Deko days. She and her different homes have been featured several times on KRiSPINTERIOR, but my favorites are her spring inspired photos shown here and here.