30 October 2015

Smith & Mills TriBeCa

Just this week i went back to one of my favorite spots in  Tribeca, Smith & Mills.   I just adore the vintage fixtures, old architectural  drawings, old sewing chairs,  unfinished concrete walls and old wood plank flooring.   It's a typical New York patina, but there's some hints of industrial, steam punk flair with a french touch to it. I don't know how else to explain it.  I suppose you just need to see it for yourself!   Make sure you pay the bathroom a visit while you're there and tell us about it in the comments!

27 October 2015

Learn from the Pros

ELLE Decoration UK has to be my favorite of favorites of magazines.  Their contributors are refined with stunning perspectives.  We can all learn a thing or two from the pros.  Photographer Maria Wretblad's home - styled Sasa Antic and captured by Kristofer Johnsson is utterly breathtaking.  These still shots truly speak to me, and they resonate my interior desires for the moment.  I am loving the sharp contrast between my forever love white with charcoal greys.  The indigo hues may not be my first choice but it is undeniably stunning here.  The marriage between rounded edges versus sharp, vintage versus new, glossy versus wrinkled + textured…all equates to a gorgeous result.  I am just blown away.

Deborah Gordon of Ollie & Seb's Haus shares her top 10 tips on decorating in this month's Elle Decoration issue, I've never seen it narrowed down better than she did.  Believe me, it's almost as if reading the 10 commandments.  Write them down folks, use 'em!

Styling Sasa Antic
Photography Kristofer Johnsson

26 October 2015

Small Kitchen of my Dreams

It's Monday -- let the ideas roll in...

Okay, so it goes without saying that a larger kitchen with ample storage is always the dream.  I myself had said it in the past.  But deep inside I have this secret small kitchen of my dreams…  On my wish list is a tiny banquet eating area.  I love small spaces, and I adore how some people can be so clever about their use of space.

Styled by Lene Rønfeldt, this little kitchen is flawless!

Small Kitchen of my DreamsK R i S P I N T E R I O R

25 October 2015

"My Daybed Dream" says a Finland Fan

Happy Sunday!  I hope you are enjoying some time off.  It's a drizzly Sunday here in New York, and as usual it would be ideal for cozy lounging…  On a day like this I wish I had the safari cot of my dreams, or that wide daybed layed on a sprawling space like in Jutta's living room.

I am a big fan of Finnish bloggers.  They have a really sharp, clean and krisp aesthetic!  My favorites are Maja | Musta Ovi seen here and here, Minna Jones | Time of the Aquarius featured here and here, as well as Maiju | #lagerma recently shown here and previously on my Plateful of Love post.  I'm sure loads of you are fans as well. I can't get enough of their spaces, always awaiting their next move.

My Daybed Dream | K R i S P I N T E R I O R

24 October 2015

Kitchen Crush

Cruising the web this saturday morning, I find myself looking at houses fronting either a beach, the woods, or a creek.  October has come, it's exciting fall has arrived, but it's been a rather torturously busy month.  Feeling drained, my explanation is I'm longing for a short mini vacation… And with this weather, it would be nice to be in a home facing a wooded creek.

This Australian beauty has my dream long wall of windows/doors, most likely facing a sloping land of forestry.  I can just imagine the scent every morning.  I took notice of the wonderful kitchen.  My dream is to have a kitchen in a galley layout, either in a true galley style and open on both ends, or one side is a full equal length peninsula facing a living room or views.  The one wall could also just be all Crittal windows -- THAT would truly be the ultimate dream!

The apartment is in the process of editing (as always), but the kitchen is one daunting challenge right now.  Though I love open storage, like in this stunning home, I've expressed how in NYC it could be annoying (the city soot floats in the air and can't be avoided).  I am completely swooned by how it is done here on one wall from top to bottom, and it inspires me to do the same.  Should I do it??

19 October 2015

Inspiration Kick Off on a Monday

Wow, October has been a pretty hectic month!  I don't know how else to describe it. Work has been on overload mode,  and home tasks just the same.   At the moment projects and obligations are coming out of my ears.  Well that usually means inspiration is flowing and feeding the imagination.

Let's kick off the week with an amazing marriage between Denmark and Spain.  Enjoy the tour of Danish label Tine K.'s Mallorca home.  I'm droolling over the traditional Spanish tiles!

17 October 2015

Weekend Inspiration: Dark Sofa for Autumn

My white sofa is getting retired this season.  Luckily inherited a gorgeous number-- a Lotus sofa by Soft Line in dark grey.  It is slightly larger with a chaise, but will create that lounge-y atmosphere.  At the moment inspiration is abundant!  You know that means the laptop will be on blog overload as well as sinking into the black hole of pinterest this weekend.  My brain is calculating everything in the living area as we speak…  Here are a few of my finds:

I'm still haunted by switching my black walls into a matte dark grey this year, as well.

12 October 2015

I'm Hooked!

It's been such a long wait!   I'm actually surprised it took this long for IKEA to launch shaker pegs/hooks in the range.   You've seen it this year circulating and used in many many different ways in the global IKEA Live sites.  Of course shown best by our Swedish heroes such as Pella Hedeby...

I'm excited to install them in my kitchen!   I'm hooked!

09 October 2015

Minimal Tiny Space

Tiny apartments always tickle me even though an expansive space makes up anyone's dream house,  including mine.   But deep inside I wish to live with minimal interiors and belongings.

Fantastik Frank stages the best small spaces that I've seen.   Living with less truly is an art and a good way of living.   There's ways of tricking the eye as successfully shown here:

  • A mirrored back splash
  • Monochromatic scheme,  in this instance different shades of white 
  • Focus  only on one accent - shown here is copper 
  • Minimal decoration
  • Blonde wood tones
  • Personal items stored behind closed doors
  • Storage under the stairs 
  • Loads of natural light 

05 October 2015

Autumn Season

'Tis the season for curling up.   Temperatures dropped this weekend and it was a beautiful change at home curled up under the covers!

What perfect time for seasonality updates this time of year:  if you like colour it is that time for darker shades,  richer textures.   I myself prefer darker  monochromatic tones, but let's talk about you today.   This new IKEA NORSBORG sofa comes in a rich blue.   Perfectly matching dark wood shades and taupey greys.   As shown here with VALJE modular cubbies to mix in with your wall collage (see more of the VALJE collection here) .   Plus a pocket for those TV marathon essentials!

02 October 2015

Floor Envy

There's nothing more I wish for when living in an apartment :  herringbone floors.   But in black!   I think I just died when I laid eyes on this beauty...

01 October 2015

Monochrome Weather

Fall has finally come to fruition after enduring long hot days in the city.   Some say we are now in sweater weather.   I say leather weather and monochrome days!

Some folks take the fall as opportunity to use richer colours and textures in their fashion and into their own homes.   For me the textured monochromatic scheme is the way to do it.

Maja of Musta Ovi is a complete treasure pot of inspiration.   I must've shared her home countless times (shown here and here) and it never gets old.  It is absolutely an illustration of what my house would like to be when it grows up.