30 August 2015

Living Small

We all go through it -- how to live more practical, minimal?  What if you certainly have no choice but to live with basics?  I've moved about 20 times or more in my life in different countries, and I tell you, once you get the hang of editing, it's a wonderful feeling.  Mind you it never ends.  It's a way of life.

Today let's look at this sparse space on Fantastik Frank.  Not much square footage to work with, that's for sure.  A studio space is truly a challenge.

A good minimal sofa bed works best.  Naturally a light or mobile coffee table works in this situation.  Accent furniture with hairpin legs or see-through treatment gives the space a light feeling as well.  In this space the use of this wardrobe created a textured backdrop without giving it the impression of a closet in the living area.

Curated art throughout the unit creates interest.  Some hooks would be functional here.

The less you have exposed, the better.

Take advantage of built-in surfaces.  This windowsill, for instance, could be a good storage space for hardbound books and small objects.

You can never go wrong with floor-standing mirrors.

29 August 2015

White Bedroom

The bedroom is a consistent concern of mine.  It's so easy for it to become a dumping ground when life pace gets too fast.  I often wish for white on white on white.  Krisp white sheets never fail.

28 August 2015

The Organized Home Office

I have to admit the home office is most difficult to organize and get to a final stage of propping.  So much papers,  magazines,  loose little things.   The shredder is working full time at the moment and the recycling bins are bursting at the seams.  But we're getting there.  Luckily IKEA has good storage boxes such as the Pluggis and Kuggis series work well with my interiors and the ALGOT system that is already in place.  Their paper shop also has matte black file boxes.  You've heard me say this before -- it's always a work in progress…  These images are my inspiration.  Maja of Musta Ovi has a good eye, and of course IKEA is usually on top of the list as well.

What are you going to organize this weekend?  Happy organizing!

25 August 2015

Bedroom Love in Brussels

The bedroom has been the main focus of late.  It had become a private dumping ground for about a year or so, and slowly clutter and unwanted, unattended things have been moving out.  Today I share this wonderful calming space that inspires me.  I love the minimal, modern approach.  The Kartell drawers serve as a perfect side table.  Oh how I wish I knew where to find that vanity table!  The wood stool adds warmth to this otherwise strict white space.

A bedroom should truly be one's sanctuary.  If at all possible do not have a modem or an office space in there.  Some folks say it is not advisable to even have a TV.  But in our home TV marathons cannot be avoided, and saturday mornings the bed becomes picnic grounds ( ! )  To each his own, I suppose.

21 August 2015

Mono Greys, Green, Linen + Rustic Wood

Simply and utterly obsessed!  I cannot get over my recent love for greys and greens.  And style-wise I think I'm come to truly realize I am more drawn to the mix of vintage, icons, hints of industrial and weathered woods as opposed to staged and glossy.  Surely you can relate…

Styling Marie Ramse
Photography Sara Danielsson

16 August 2015

Hampton's in White with Black Accents

Loving the contemporary feel with natural accents and a black punch here and there.  My favorite corner is definitely the dining table with black arm chairs.  Do you have a favorite?

Interior Design Maureen McDermott
Photography Jacob Snavely

14 August 2015

Weekend in Grey Scale

Grey interiors has been my crush of late.   Thanks to Pella Hedeby (especially her styling works for Ikea seen on STIL INSPIRATION  and Ikea Live) I've come to once again see the beauty in monochromatic greys.  And I just love how the natural ashy q+white wash of wood tones blend in quite well too.  Tiring of my strict black + white scheme in the last little while I'm thinking of a complete colour overhaul. 

The worldwide Ikea 2016 catalogue launch has exploded on the web and everybody is eyeing one thing or two or even an entire collection! Check out these links in case you missed them :

Aren't you excited??  My home improvements are slowly coming to a close. I'd like to finish these little touches before autumn.   Do you have projects this year? 

Enjoy your weekend! 

08 August 2015

Green Interiors

There's been a lot of talk on living green especially at the work place, and even eating green at home.   It was a very busy week at home tending to summer cleaning and renewal,  refreshing the house interiors.   I don't have a green thumb by any means,  but my latest project participation with IKEA in New York inspired me  (seen here).   I'm actually making a list of plants and pots to soon purchase.  Ha, let's see how this fares out -- we might actually survive it!

I discovered a Norwegian blog designlykke, and I just adore her Go Green post!  I've been tiring of my black walls lately and have been considering a dark charcoal instead... but now I'm thinking a greyish forest green!   Just look at how  Henrietta did hers -- stunning.

03 August 2015

Colour Blocking

The distinctive work of Dries Otten.  It's enjoyable to see interior architects and designers get playful.  This is one perfect example of playful colour blocking.

02 August 2015

Mid-century Heaven

This home is a true mid-century collection.  When I visited Oslo several years past, I had never seen a bigger selection of vintage mid-century furniture.  It was just stunning to see them in the markets and in vintage shops.  It was sooo good that I couldn't resist bringing my own set of nesting tables home that I made fit into my suitcases!  Yup, it's true.