29 June 2016

IKEA Trending: The Dark Kitchen

Collections have been leaning towards a dramatic, sophisticated trend in the past year for our beloved IKEA. And most of which embrace  the democratic design,  a direction towards the natural and responsible,  celebrating local artisans and the like.

And just because we love IKEA...

Brace yourself!   Wait til you get your hands on these babies in August.

Bolig Magasinet

27 June 2016

Big & Bold

Swedish textile company Linum launches their 50th anniversary collection Big & Bold.  It's a complete collection of textiles and objects.  I love the cohesive mix and match of patterns and palettes.  Now that summer has begun, it would be the perfect time to renew your home.  What better way than with textiles...

Ems Designblogg
Photography Jonas Ingerstedt

26 June 2016

Grey Mood

Been waiting for the chance to repaint the apartment a shade of grey.  My black feature walls are dramatic without question, but I'm in need of a major change.  Paint is definitely a way to make a drastic overhaul without having to swap furniture pieces.  Mind you my furnishings have gradually changed through the recent years (a lot of art has been added, as well as a new Soft Line sofa, industrial lighting and textiles) and my editing mode has been on the rise. 

This moody interior is lovely with its natural source of light sifting through internal windows.  The shadows create a very intriguing atmosphere.  I love anything intriguing.  The art collection makes a sophisticated environment, together with ton on tone textures and greenery.

 Coco Lapine Design

25 June 2016

Every Corner Counts

Another tiny flat struck me like a lightning bolt!  Space and storage is a consistent struggle in most homes no matter the size.  Inhabitants adapt in any way they can whether their home is 260 square feet or 2500 square feet.  Let's face it, organization is often a dilemma...  And fact of the matter is people tend to want and collect instead of need and select.  I myself am a constant editor, but loving beautiful objects is a weakness I admit.  Thank god for consignment shops, this way I can expand, rotate, and make my money back.  How about you?

This space!  Any tight spot is a designated corner.  My favorite corner is the sitting area in the bedroom/ attic space.  Do you have one?

For more clever tiny spaces check out KRiSPINTERIOR's small space pinterest board!  Here you'll find heaps of great ideas.

Fantastik Frank

19 June 2016

Vacation Home in Gotland

My vacation home obsession never ceases especially when the summer months are fast approaching. It's finally warm out here in New York City. Ran into one of our best friends on the streets of SoHo yesterday and the subject of a getaway trip to Fire Island came up. We really need to work on it soon before all the rental prices go up!

Of course my download folder is reaching its maximum capacity as I peruse the internet searching for inspirational seaside escapes and the like.  No stranger to Fantastik Frank I found this wonderful place in Gotland! The rustic wood, concrete, black accents and linen textures -- my forever fixation.  Ahh, to dreammm....

Fantastik Frank

16 June 2016

Raw Plywood, Pine, and Nature

Who wouldn't want to wake up to this!  Raw surroundings, natural wood,  natural light.  Pella Hedeby on location for Livet Hemma. The beauty of raw,  natural materials in the most simplistic expression. Love it.

Stil Inspiration
Styling Pella Hedeby
Photography Anna Malmberg

12 June 2016

The Line at the Hamptons

Haven't had the chance to make summer plans this year.  But hoping to make our way to the Hamptons or Fire Island at some point.  Normally we prefer less pretentious beach shacks and make stops at the wonderful shops in town or even some outlet shopping on the way.  This year The Line will certainly be a very inspirational trip.  My favorite style of all styles:  modern with rustic touches, sprinkled with clean, krisp Scandinavian lines, but overall minimal and eclectic.  Can't wait to browse...

The Line
Photography Hannah Taveite

11 June 2016

Pia Ulin's Brooklyn Loft

In New York City you'd be lucky if the sun enters your flat any time in the morning.  For us here in the Financial District, maybe it will peek through between noon and 2pm.  My poor bonsai leans over like a cat watching passersby on the windowsill.

Pia Ulin, a well known photographer from Sweden, whose work I have admired, moved her home base in Brooklyn with her husband.  She is known for her brilliant use of nothing but natural light in her photographs, giving it that unique sense of poetic realism, and an overall monochrome cast over her compositions.  It is just beautiful.  Her Brooklyn digs is very New York indeed -- with unusual tight partitions and compartmentalised spaces, but an overall intelligent use of limited space without being claustrophobic.  It embraces that industrial, vintage vibe most creative spaces express.

Photography Pia ulin
Interior Architecture Bangia Agostinho

10 June 2016

Take It Outside!

Summer creeps around the corner here in New York,  then hits us with a blast of cold weather all of a sudden. The coats are pulled out again in the mornings. We certainly hope this is the last of it -- because believe you me,  we are ready to take it outside!

Thankfully my favorites of favorites have been releasing their summer inspirations of late!  None other than one of my Scan heroes, Minna Jones has shown her now finished summer house with delectable IKEA summer collections. Very much awaited by many the VIGTIGK collection boasts its natural beauty.   And of course, summer is not compete without al fresco dining: what better than SINNERLIG and VARDAGEN for those yummy treats. Enjoy!


For more of Minna Jones check out these featured posts here, and here

Time Of The Aquarius
Styled by Minna Jones
In collaboration with IKEA