31 December 2015

Happy New Year!

Whatever your plans may be,  whether at a huge party,  spreading the love in Times Square,  or snuggling quietly with a loved one at home, let's all welcome the new year with open arms!   A new year,  a new beginning -- H O O R A Y!

Image via Kate the Great

2015 was a rough ride,  but count your blessings and bring our learnings into the new journey that's about to take place.   Here are some fun links to bid goodbye to 2015 and to say hello to 2016:

I adore this list,  and I wish to extend the fun to you,  ideas are endless...

30 December 2015

Welcome the New Year

It's been an unforgiving and busy holiday season.   It's no excuse,  I missed a Christmas post!  My pre-holiday celebrations were spent at the beach under the warm sun,  then it quickly turned back into New York City craziness in a blink of an eye -- how did that happen?!  Well I hope you had a great Christmas nonetheless...

When i thought things were going back into normal routines here comes another important holiday.   Are you enjoying festivities at home with friends and family?   Or will you be in Times Square?   Or simply under the stars and exploding fireworks in your corner of the world?   Whatever the case,  each has his /her own way to welcome the New Year.  

I found this inspiring and fabulous monochromatic table setting, an oldie but goodie from last year.   But a good idea is timeless!  How are you setting your table tomorrow night? 

22 December 2015

Sophisticated + Moody Christmas

A monochromatic home need not dread holiday decorations, as so successfully implemented in this gorgeous sophisticated space. Wow, can i tell you it swept me off my feet?!  The simplicity,  the varying textures for warmth,  the natural materials, the entire home evokes that holiday coziness we seek as we approach a time of togetherness with loved ones...

Source (my) unfinished home  via Bo Bedre
Photography Kristian Septimius Krogh

12 December 2015

Subtle Christmas Ideas

What better way to recycle last year's cool calendar but to use it as gift wrapping?!  I adore this idea of practicing sustainability this festive time of the year -- just brilliant!  I'm not a Christmas decor busting at the seams type of person, so when I spotted this home on Ems Designblogg it got me so excited.  Not only is the interior monochromatic, the simple touches of green expresses the holiday spirit during a season of togetherness.  

Ems Designblogg | ELLE Decoration 

08 December 2015

Guests are Welcome!

During the holidays we're usually away to spend the festivities with family.   But in those occasional times we're staying put, it's opportunity for stray friends to come and stay.  The sofa suddenly becomes a guest room and the coffee table is the new dining room!  Is your sofa your guest room too? Do you have visitor during Christmas?

Check out this  IKEA convertible sofa HOLMSUND.  From lovely cushion heaven to guest bed coziness!  I adore the white slip covers,  don't you?  And that IKEA PS small space storage unit is a perfect side table with multiple shelves and hooks, what more could a guest ask for?

To complete the ultimate cozy atmosphere add some natural elements.   I spy my favourite collection SINNERLIG.

STIL Inspiration via livet hemma
Styling Pella Hedeby
Photography Sara Danielson

05 December 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas

Yesterday was a nice walk from Soho to lower Manhattan, as a whiff of evergreen struck me in almost every other corner.  The Christmas tree vendors that create a farm-like atmosphere here in New York City do a splendid job amidst all the concrete and busy streets.  It is still very Christmas-y and festive.

Today decorations here at home on Stone Street will commence:

  • branches - check!
  • large stralla IKEA pendant - check!
  • star ornaments made of galvanized steel - check!
  • jute twine - check!
  • handmade glass blown ornaments - check!

Before the new week begins, a small rosemary tree will make its way to the kitchen as this is my yearly tradition.  For now I leave you some inspiring photos from elv's via livet hemma.

For more decorating ideas, KRiSPINTERIOR has always been inspired by Nordic holiday expressions and you can see them here, here, and my favorite of all here.  Happy decorating!

03 December 2015

(Bianca's) Unfinished Home

It's been some time since I fell head over heels on a blog.  (My) unfinished home's minimalist approach  is what got my attention.  The natural light,  white backdrop, that specific Nordic influence, tasteful art, old vs. new - it all equates to that simple, krisp interior most of us desire.  Welcome to (Bianca's) unfinished home.  It is a work in progress, and I'm sure like me you await the evolution of her new space


28 November 2015

It's Almost Christmas!

Walks along Central Park and Fifth Avenue here in New York truly capture the spirit.  Last night a light show and booming classical Christmas music echoed along Rockefeller Center.  It was quite festive, and it was a good time to say a prayer of thanks during this Thanksgiving holiday.

We've been seeing DIY decorations on the web in the last month.  My favorite thus far is Maiju's rosemary tree via #lagerma.  It is utter simplicity (I adore the clear glass vase for a pot).  I myself purchase a small rosemary tree every year for the kitchen, and use the dried leaves all throughout the year for home made recipes.  Along with my little tree would be a fresh wreath, plus some string of lights on branches.  You may view some decorations on my pinterest board.  What are you planning this year for your home?

Don't miss out my favorite Christmas posts here, here, and here!  More and more are popping up everywhere and it fills me with excitement as I await my favorite stylists' projects.  

26 November 2015

Casual Dining Room Inspo | Friendsgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  Surely festivities had begun as of early last night.  Made the mistake of doing some last minute ingredient shopping as the grocery lanes were all a-buzz.  Family is away this time of year, and we celebrate "Friendsgiving" as most New York City folks -- my friends anyhow.  So, are you all set for tonight's festivities?

Today I share with you this tiny dining room vintage charmer.  I love the mix of old items in a rather sparse modern space.  I'm crushing on the vintage Metro shelves and those pendants!  Just add some stools and folding chairs around that tiny table, and voila!  You have an intimate friendsgiving!  No need of a large kitchen or dining room.

20 November 2015

Storage inspiration: Practicing Verticality

Storage is often a challenge no matter how large a space one owns.  It takes organizing,  and analyzing the functions and tasks involved.   Most especially in city dwellings, it is wise to use verticalility as a tactic.

This home illustrates verticality to the max - whether it's for storage,  for  everyday tasks within easy reach, and even art display.

Psst-- plus, don't you just love the industrial and vintage vibe?

Source ELLE Decoration
Photography Andrea Papini

17 November 2015

Art Inspired II

After this gloomy weekend due to horrific world events, it took a bit to actually get up and do something productive or inspiring outside of standing by the TV for more news updates.  I lit a candle in honour of Paris and other affected nations.

After a time of silence I proceeded to continue what I started at home on this chilly day.  Art and prints have shifted on our walls, and with the new old Mid-century buffet making its way back in the kitchen, the walls are finally in progress.  Hooked on the random picture collages I've been seeing on the web recently, it has inspired a brand new atmosphere in the flat.  Here is a collection of art inspiration saved on my desktop…

13 November 2015

Bathroom Styling

Here's some bathroom styling to inspire you towards a relaxing weekend!

I spy IKEA HJALMAREN and DRAGAN bamboo series...

Styling Pella Hedeby

Bathroom Styling | K R i S P I N T E R I O R

12 November 2015

Light Grey with Blond Woods

Monochromatic greys have been the big hit of late, and combined with natural textures and blond woods just warms up any space!   A touch of live plants and caramel leather accents take it to another level.

PS I've never seen the IKEA LIATORP glass door cabinet look this good!

Via Hitta Hem
Styling Marie Ramse + Annie Lindgren
Photography Teodor Axlund

11 November 2015

Home of H&M Home's Creative Director

My style heroes dominating my blog roll have a common denominator:  monochromatic.  And no stranger to the said aesthetic is H&M Home's creative director Evelina Kravaev Soderberg.  Not only is she responsible for the success of this home line,  she also launched one of my favorite clothing labels,  Hope.

The Soderberg family surround themselves with art.  The home is also a cocktail of iconic pieces and vintage finds.

I've had this article archived for a while now.   I decided to dig it up since out flat is going through a winter renewal stage.   So inspired by this home's visual impact.

Source Residence Magazine
Styling Lotta Agaton
Photography  Kristofer Johnsson