31 January 2016

Jonas Ingesrtedt's Small Space Genius

From my Home Visit Program here in New York, I've noticed that most people do have some of the most innovative ideas.  In a shoebox of an apartment one really has not much choice but to make use of each square inch.  But, not many are successful in achieving style into their space having to live with so many constraints.  In Sweden where flats are often just as tiny as New York ones -if not even smaller- people are so in-tune with functionality and practicality.  Photographer Jonas Ingertedt's interior genius is reflected in his choice of classics, wall systems used, lighting and art.  So many smart ideas and a style expression without compromising style.  Makes me want to once again reevaluate my own space…

Isn't it just delicious??  Check out KRiSPINTERIOR small space board on pinterest for other smart ideas.  Inspiration never ends.

29 January 2016


VIKTIGT collection shall hit the stores starting May 2016!  Fans of white crockery like myself,  get ready to get swooned.

For more crockery inspiration check out KRiSPINTERIOR pinterest board .  And for more 2016 IKEA News find it here and here.  The year just began and so much to look forward to.

28 January 2016

Danish Krispness

It's been a wild chase lately looking for a krisp space to share with you.  And here it is,  finally.   It's as if i held my breath and i found "the dream"...  I've been working on putting together all the vintage art I've collected and some still need custom framing, a Keith Haring poster included in this stack.  How the Danes have a krisp eye on displaying art and keeping a home that embraces a krisp, squeaky-clean characteristic they are known for.   This home is a perfect template.

French by Design
Via Camilla Stephan for Femina

Danish Krispness | K R i S P I N T E R I O R

22 January 2016

Weekend Inspiration : IKEA Kitchen News

Brace yourselves!  The new IKEA kitchen doors are about to hit the stores!  I'm going gaga over this rustic and neutral palette, the TORNHAMN series-- aren't you? To complete the look linen textiles add that special texture.  Plus the industrial appeal of FASTERBO shelving system!  I almost died.

Stil Inspiration via IKEA Press

20 January 2016

Icy Escape

Let's face it,  the sub-zero temps are here,  and there is no way to avoid it.  I say let's eat it all up and enjoy in different ways imaginable.

Winter getaways have been on my to-do list for some time, and I look forward to the next opportunity.   I wouldn't mind a stripped down, modern and industrial, brutalist setting just like this concrete cabin on the Swiss Alps.  Ohh, that fire is so inviting!

Emsdesignblogg via Bo Bedre
Photography Mads Mogenson

19 January 2016

Small Space Nook

Are you in the middle of a hustle-and-bustle kind of city?  Living in a shoebox in New York?  Don't panic, just be clever.  Often there are nooks and crannies that can be turned into the smartest of small spaces.  Learn from this tiny Berlin flat.

18 January 2016

Goods We Love | Scandi Secret in New York

These Danes in TriBeCa, Camilla Vest + Ricky Nordson, bumped into each other in a coffee shop only to discover their equal love for design which led them to a retailer's dream Goods We Love.  The home they've curated together serves as their showroom for objects and products from Scandinavia.  Not merely focusing on design alone, but also the ingenious aspects of practicality and function of Scandinavian thinking.  Clean, crisp, easy, beautiful.  Enough said.

Visit Goods We Love for its brands overview and details of the products shown above.  Be prepared to fall in love...

Styling Pernilla Vest
Photography Thomas Loof

16 January 2016

String News

So excited to see 2016 String news!  A Scandinavian classic since the 40s, String shelving system is still hitting our homes today.  Drooling on Lotta Agaton's styling…  the raw concrete, the industrial and utilitarian vibe of the most basic of bathrooms.  Wabi-sabi.

A Merry Mishap
Styling Lotta Agaton
Photography Magnus Ingerstedt

12 January 2016

Tickled Pink

The first visions of spring sprout the web pages.   Thanks to the undeniable, successful combination of Pella's styling and none other than IKEA.  A favorite and a few staples: DOKSTA and FROSTA.  True IKEA classics in an unexpected,  delicate style expression.

Source (my) Unfinished Home via IKEA livet Hemma
Styling Pella Hedeby
Photography Sara Medina Lind

08 January 2016

Looking forward to IKEA News

Watch out IKEA fans!   Here's a sneak peak of IKEA news 2016…

New collections with natural materials in mind:  VIKTIGT and SVÄRTAN.  Keep your eyes peeled!

07 January 2016

I Spy Soderhamn

Let's start the new year with some classics...   Stylizimo is one of the reasons I started blogging.  Nina Holst has a krisp eye with timeless intention.

Though her seating area in the living room may introduce a change  (black to be more specific), let's stop for a moment and admire the white-on-white expression here.   IKEA's SODERHAMN sofa looks absolutely delicious!  And how about that diy concrete table?   Stunning.

Photography Nina Holst