29 March 2015

Bohemian Ace Hotel | Los Angeles

As much of a fan I am of Ace Hotel NYC I hold equal admiration for Ace Hotel in DTLA.  My memory of a night in New York is quite alive as I recall the excitement of this old building refurbished with industrial touches, dark halls, and vintage fixtures.  Well, LA is a favorite destination of mine and certainly I plan to set foot in this bohemian spot on my next trip.

Still holding true to that distinct Ace signature, Commune was able to capture that personality but giving it a California palette.  Amidst the Gothic structure are Mexican accents, mid-century, Turkish and Navajo.  The beaming sunshine complements all surfaces and textures and over-all vibe.

Photography Laure Joliet
Architecture + Interior Design Commune

28 March 2015

It's in the Grey Areas

Last year I was all about white! white! white!  But the New York winter months had proven it difficult with the mess winter creates.  And yes, that gritty black New York dust that I've spoken about here, I began to look for some grey inspiration back then, and it still holds true today.  My Swedish heroes certainly don't disappoint even in the grey areas.

This model home was created by none other than Hitta Hem's Pella and Marie for Kista Tower in Stockholm.  It's a dream apartment, if you ask me!  And that loggia!  

Source Hitta Hem
Styling Pella Hedeby + Marie Ramse
Photography Kristofer Johnsson

20 March 2015

MANDAL settles in Brooklyn

Door Sixteen is a blog I've followed for some time now.  Anna blogs about her own home renovations and other interests including her work and shop, K IS FOR BLACK, where she sells art + posters -- it's really worth to check this out- so much cool stuff! Door Sixteen's aesthetic is very New York.  It has industrial touches, mid-century pieces, and just her over-all details are the same ones I tend to gravitate to.  And yes, I've watched her different homes transform.

Anna and her husband had moved yet again to another pied-à-terre, this time in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.  It was thrilling to see that IKEA's MANDAL bed made its way to her gorgeous digs.

Via Door Sixteen with much thanks
Photography Anna of Door Sixteen

15 March 2015

Scandinavian Modern

Several years ago my outlook on interior design was changing.  More like evolving.  I was already designing for IKEA at the time, but I was not into the blogging world as yet.  Until one day my friend Anna from Oslo introduced me to Scandinavian Deko. The style expression - Scandinavian Modern gave a new meaning, and my flats since then evolved along with this new found appreciation.

Scandinavian Deko is my go-to place, and I learn more and more how that side of the world treats their habitats and opened my eyes to functionality, sustainability, trending, and democratic design.  Emmas designblogg of course was my first love.  But there were others too I fancied…  Minna Jones was one of them.  She owns Time of the Aquarius blog and shares her work and personal discoveries in design.

Blue, grey and blue-grey have been exploding on the web since the new year, and Minna is no stranger to this.  An interior stylist herself, she's able to use these colour trends in the best way. Don't you just love it?!

I spy some of my favorites here:  IKEA PS rug, classic String shelves, Bertoia chair, and IKEA FROSTA stool.

14 March 2015

Space Challenged? Here's How to Deal...

My line of work often challenges my team to have smart solutions.  Space is often a luxury, especially here in New York.  When fresh out in the world and starting out, it's easier to build a life around the space constraints and be very smart about your choice of furnishings.  With sustainability in mind these days, it's just essential that you choose less but you choose well.  I believe that is Vivienne Westwood's famous quote, which I live by (I've learned my lesson).  Now, for someone downsizing it might be more difficult to decide what to keep and what to donate.  We can learn a thing or two from this small flat.

Small vignettes add interest to your space.  Keep it few, but a large piece of art can be the wow factor.  Floating storage units, whether built-in or with legs, give the entire space a more airy feeling.

Modular seating works best and you can change layouts from time to time to suit your needs.  A mobile coffee table is a great solution, and you may move it as you please.

Double-duty furniture pieces are a must!  This one covers both the dining function, work from home, and being connected to loved ones.  Small furniture is not necessarily a better solution.  In this case the large table compartmentalizes two adjacent areas, but still offering a unified effect.  

Stackable seating encourages entertaining at home without a problem!  They are light enough to stow away when not needed, and while stacked they don't take up too much space.

Play with scale.  This large plant is sculptural and gives the space a nice modern feel.

Folding tables are a gift from the heavens.  This particular one is an old IKEA gem!  IKEA is a great source for space saving items.  Again the stackable stools are a wise choice.  Mobile carts are perfect both for storage and also for additional work surface in the kitchen.  For entertaining -- wheel it where you need it!

Keeping items behind closed doors keep your small space looking fresh and clutter-free.  A few 
often-used essentials could be left exposed.  Hooks and rails give you larger worktop.

Verticality is the way to go.  Do you have some square footage above your door for seasonal items?

Mobile wardrobe carts are perfect for tight hallways.  This solution keeps you within your budget instead of cabinets.  The space remains an open feel, and leaves your coats and shoes looking organized.  Perhaps adding multiple hooks on the wall could serve as your catch-all for hats, scarves, keys and bags.

Source Stadshem.se

13 March 2015

Danish Digs in Cannes

Still stuck on a monochrome kick,  I was blessed to have landed this blog tour of the most perfect Danish decorated home in Cannes. The floors alone really got me hooked!   Loving the rustic touches amidst the Mid-century furniture choices.   Ohh, and that small balcony would be wonderful for a morning coffee...

Source femina.dk
Photography Mikkel Absdol

07 March 2015

06 March 2015

Monochromatic Weekend Inspo

I've been on a monochromatic kick since the beginning of the week!  Can't wait to renew my flat this weekend.  Do you have spring cleaning duties as well?

The design of this home in Czech Republic was based on the owner's time spent in Norway.   I don't blame him,  I experienced the same thing years ago when I returned from my brief work in Oslo!

I am loving every bit of Scandinavian influence here:
The monochromatic scheme,  the mix and match dining chairs,  the objects, everything!   The cubes are my favorite thus far!   I, myself,  have been in search of Finnish Palaset cubbies.   Collectors are not budging to give them up even for a any price. I might be able to imitate it using IKEA (TUTEMO or the not -yet -released-in -America cubes that are seen on the European catalogs, VALJE).

Source Design Milk
Architecture OOOOX
Photography Martin Zeman