31 March 2014

A TIght Space with no Compromises

Living in the city is rather tough.  You would be lucky if your ceilings are high enough to maximize the cubic space!   Usually narrow bedrooms could make you feel as if only your bed frame would fit.  But some people know how to work tight spaces and utilize every bit of square inch without losing personality!  Here's a fine example...

Images via Boligliv

30 March 2014

Black + White is uber Stylizimo

Nina Holst of STYLIZIMO never fails to amaze me.  I've been following her website for some time now…  She did a guest post on My Scandinavian Home, and her home, though constantly changing through the seasons, and objects shifting around, she manages to keep her super krisp signature!  Dedicated to a black and white palette, it is still cozy with the warmth of wooden objects and fresh greens or flowers.  All the Scandinavian homes I've come to love and admire have pops of IKEA pieces.  Clean, stylish and Scandinavian at its best!  Enjoy!

Images via My Scandinavian Home

29 March 2014

Modern and Cozy in Melbourne

I just adooooore this house in Melbourne!  It was once a pub, but now a home to Elise Elliot, a TV and newspaper journalist, and her family-- they kept some of the finishes of the previous pub.  The home is ultra-modern in its entirety, but keeping it warm with shades of wood and greenery.  The black library and nook got me hooked!  The mix of polished concrete floors, midcentury furniture, and Tolix industrial stools offers a wonderful eclectic mix of styles, but not surrendering its entire contemporary package.  The entrance door almost gave me a heart attack!  The concrete waterfall on the kitchen island is a dream… And look at the IKEA FINNVARD trestle desk!  Most homes I love tend to have IKEA pieces here and there.  The trick is in the mix!

28 March 2014

Contemporary Luxury

This is my idea of the perfect contemporary interior.   Luckily for ad agency creative director Wolfgang Behnken, he calls it home.  An old building structure minimally designed with Bauhaus collectibles, herringbone floors, French doors, achromatic colour scheme (or shall I say "non-colour"), carefully selected lighing fixtures, a house filled with an extensive photography and art collection...  I admire the restraint!  Notice the empty white walls-- so calming that the space is like a sculpture garden, in which the furniture pieces themselves are the art objects.  

27 March 2014

Raw Beauty + Midcentury... Oohh those Danes!

Betina Stampe is the founder of Bloomingville -- a highly conceptualized Danish company designing and curating objects for the home and garden.  It is Modern Rustic to its fullest potential!  Very much concentrated on products with the raw, rustic appeal, and sometimes with industrial and French influences.  I gasped when I came across photos of Betina's home!  And I gasp in amazement every time I look at them, even snaps of rooms I've already seen in other publications or blogs...  Wouldn't you?!  Modern Rustic truly is my ultimate love, with Midcentury cherry on top <3

24 March 2014

Small Spaces can be so Beautiful

It's so gorgeous to see how small spaces can be utilized with taste.  This one property on Fantastik Frank in Stockholm may be staged, but one can learn so much on how to do it right.  Small space living can be smart and beautiful too--  I adore the table and chairs by the window!  I'm certain this nook is used for 2 functions: dining, and being connected online/ working from home…

79 ideas via Fantasktik Frank