29 November 2014

Gang of Green

I'm overwhelmed by loads of Green this season!  Usually my home is filled with more natural and industrial decorative elements around Christmas time (craft paper, twine, twigs and branches, galvanized metal-- you get my drift) .  But I think if I were to change things up a bit I would go with dark Green.  And just like Anna Leena, I'm forever a dried eucalyptus twig lover…  which reminds me, I'm off to get a wild bunch at the Union Square Green market today.  It's cold and dreary in New York, but I look forward to wrapping myself in cozy thick layers outside.

Horray to this Gang of Green inspiration images today!

styling + photography Daniella Witte  

styling Pella Hedeby 

styling Minna Jones | Time of the Aquarius for IKEA Xmas event

styling Anna Lenna for Residence Magazine

Forever indebted to my heroes!  With thanksgiving passed, I will never forget to be grateful to them…  Do you have heroes you're thankful for for life??

28 November 2014

Weekend Inspo: A Natural Christmas

Every year I gravitate to the same holiday styling.  Same textures but it seems to only differ in the lightness or darkness effect.  Yes two complete opposites, but both are extremely cozy nonetheless! I look no further than my Scandinavian heroes, such as Lotta Agaton and Daniella Witte, for these holiday touches.  I guess I could also say my mother was my number one influence.  She taught me to wrap presents in brown craft paper and twine in my younger years.  Twigs and dried leaves were quite prominent too, without a doubt!  We have reasons to believe Mama was Norwegian in her previous life.

styling Lotta Agaton for Residence Magazine
photography Mikkel Mortensen

27 November 2014

Inspiration for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving!   It was beautiful this morning in New York with large flakes of snow to greet us!  It was quite easy to get in the season's decorating mood...  Check out the beginning stages on my facebook page!

With the autumn and winter colours being dark and moody, coziness and cocooning was an easy achievement.  I tend to do mine in whites-- my recent inspiration seen here.  But Pella Hedeby always inspires whether it's turning in the dark direction or the brilliantly white, she does her contrasts like no other.  I'm instantly swooned!  She was a guest blogger for IKEA livet hemma in Sweden this week, and proved what incredible eye she has.  Her simplest approach gives the most stunning results.

interior styling Pella Hedeby
photography Krisstofer Johnsson

26 November 2014

Trending: SPRUTT

This collection has IKEA DNA written all over it!  To be launched in early 2015, SPRUTT focuses on storage solutions to ease our busy everyday lives.  Typically Scandinavian, designs have a white base with playful colorful accents.  I'm completely crushing on the ladder style rail solution!  I can see this being useful in basis parts of the home.

23 November 2014

Sunday Inspo: Mid-century & Rustic in Chicago

It is easy to lose track of harmony if an eclectic home is not put together successfully.  Certainly many of us acquire bits and pieces from our world travels plus other sentimental items and heirlooms.  The secret truly is balance.  This Chicago home was able to marry mid-century pieces with rustic African collectables.  I'm drooling over those teal chairs, personally not something I would pick for my own flat (as some of you may have discovered I have a hard time with colour), but it is perfect and gorgeous in this space!

Photography Matthew Williams

22 November 2014

Cocooning on a Saturday

Today is grey and nippy in New York.  It could mean a nice winter stroll in Central Park.  Or perhaps lazy-ing around under the covers.

A small bedroom is not necessarily a bad thing.  It is a perfect opportunity to make it your dream cocoon…

19 November 2014

Monochrome & Modern Rustic with an Industrial Ttwist

The home of Jenny Hjalmarrson Boldsen and her family exudes modern rustic perfection!  It's almost as if this interior stylist and decorator is my other self in a parallel universe!  

I've spoken about my undying infatuation for converted spaces, most especially old barns.  This home is pretty much my dream materialised...  Modern digs appeal to me, sometimes even minimalist interiors to the most severe degree, but nothing speaks to me more than a rustic space, sparse and textured, all white, interspersed with mid-century modern goodness!  In Jenny's family home with weathered wood beside wire metal Bertoia chairs, leather softened through time, old industrial almost rusty steel, layers of paint chipped away... I can't seem to get away from my love for these textures.  I'm so swept away right now I'm beside myself!

16 November 2014

For the Love of Vintage

Claire Delmar, a food enthusiast and stylist embraces a certain palette.  A grey palette, that is, in styling terms.  Her home and work reflect just that.  Witness her talents on Claire Delmar Styling and Design and indulge!  Her home in Sydney is an ode to vintage elegance in shades of warm greys.  Spot the consistency of her eye from home to work, from work to home on her blog too, The Palate Project.  The carefully chosen collected pieces of furniture created an over-all textured home, unique and quintessentially her own version of vintage elegance.

Images first seen on Desire to Inspire via Homelife
Photography Anson Smart
Styling Claire Delmar

Small & Smart

It's an endless battle living with limited space!  Often I find that no matter how tiny or large your living quarters are space remains a challenge.  It's so inspiring to find fabulous small apartments.  We can learn a thing or two from Scandinavian real estate staging genius.

It's simple really…  Keep it clean and minimal.  Live with less.

Images seen on my favorite Cherry Blossom Blog