29 June 2014

Small Space Sunday

I have never seen real estate photos done better than Fantastik Frank of Sweden.  Not only is the styling done impeccably,  they are able to touch the senses of the viewer.  It is sooo good that I start imagining living in those spaces.  The photographs themselves imitate those of magazine spreads.  This one for instance has a concept-- if you notice the tripod furniture and accessories.  When I think of tripods I think of small spaces since they can be easily folded for transport.  I myself own a tripod leather stool I purchased in Bangkok, and it travels with me.

Enjoy your Sunday with this small space eye candy…

28 June 2014

The Aroma of Salt Air

The most nostalgic scent to me is the smell of the sea…  Those summer days spent during childhood is irreplaceable.  These days I wish for holiday retreats overlooking the sea shores and sand bars.  I was lucky enough to enjoy white powdery sands in Key West last weekend, but it never seems to be enough!  Especially since I am still here in Miami.  

Thanks to The Style Files I am able to look forward to the rest of summer months post-Miami on the east coast.  Possibly the variety of shores Jersey has to offer such as Cape May, Wildwoods, or Sandy Hook.  I'll keep you posted!  But in the meantime, let's enjoy this Italian summer home facing the Adriatic seas.  Lovely stone walls, that expansive terrace!  

The Style Files via Kinfolk

26 June 2014

That Classic Vintage Touch

This week a series of photos have been circulating the blogs.  Of course Emmas Designblogg is the first to get me hooked.

The mix of old and new is quite a difficult task if style is not placed into the equation properly.  But this property did that successfully!  I love the vintage pieces, picked carefully to mix with more modern stylings.  Oh, and that patterned floor in the bathroom!  Reminds me of typical Spanish apartments.  Enjoy!

21 June 2014

Sun-drenched Weekend

Speaking of Santorini ;) (my all-time getaway inspiration)…  Desire to Inspire introduced me to Santorini Astarte Suites.  Ahhh, that pool!  That view!

Meanwhile…  I am finally dipping my feet at Key West by this afternoon!  The butterflies in my stomach a-flutter.  It will be a sun-drenched gorgeous weekend!   I hope your weekend will be the same.

20 June 2014

Farmhouse Turned Summer Retreat in Skane, Sweden

Converted spaces are sooo special!  I find it a gift if you find some abandoned or old building that can be turned into something new and give it brand new life.  Here are images of a farmhouse converted into a summer home in Skane.  I adore the use of colour throughout.  It is kept sparse and yet fun.  My favorite spot is the outdoor space with Acapulco chairs.

19 June 2014

Mid-century Beach House

Yep, you read that right!  Now, wouldn't that be 'the' Dreeaammmm…  An interior stylist from Sydney, Karin Kelly Tarasin,  embraced the architecture of this home and kept the style consistent from outside in.  Though it is quite loyal to the mid-century era, the entirety of the home has kept the atmosphere in conjunction with its beachy location.

I just love the wood plank-clad walls that are painted in white, and white floors on top of that!  These small touches add to the sun-drenched summer atmosphere.  Question is -- when can I move in??

18 June 2014

Little Blue Finland

Every summer the colour scheme that strikes me most is blue and white.  I think -- Santorini, Mallorca, perhaps the sunny beaches in the tropics.  Never really Finland.  But I came across this article on Remodelista about the home of a Finnish stylist's in the Hamptons.  Oh wow!  I love this home, and the more I read the article it truly was a nice feeling to see how a person can love his/her history, art or tradition and to let that background stay intact within the confines of their abode.  

Tiina Laakonen and Jon Rosen's home embracing Finnish design envelops that Hamptons feel in indigo hues.  It is just gorgeous-- from rag rugs to Marimekko fabrics to Finnish crockery and the like, to paying homage to current Finnish designers' work.  It is essentially Little Finland in the Hamptons.  Wouldn't you just want to spend your summers here?