31 January 2014

Weekend Inspiration

I died and went to  H E A V E N !!!   Don't know how else to describe this feeling when I laid eyes on these treasures...  

30 January 2014

Achromatic Dream at The Hague

Remy Meijers, an interior architect from The Netherlands know achromatic schemes at its best.  He is the signature of calm...  Just look at that studied palette!  What a dreammmm.

29 January 2014

Industrial + Sparse

In narrow city apartments nothing beats an internal window.  You are often stuck with a window either in the front of the building or the back.  If more unlucky, on the side facing a brick wall…  I hope that's not you!  City dwellings are great for mixing your unexpected finds, industrial touches, and sometimes rustic pieces. 

This home is on the market via Per Jansson

27 January 2014

A Parisian Dream...

Joseph Dirand is a household name in Paris.  An Interior Designer with clean, classic, crisp style, he never  fails  to marry the old glamour with new contemporary aesthetic.

This apartment sits in Saint-Germain-des-Pres, amidst a neighborhood of high end boutiques and cafes. If truly given a bottomless budget, I would call for the same finishes-- smooth vs rough, glossy vs matte, old vs new, light vs dark, finished vs raw, a play with scale, and art.  One can dream right?

Photography Joseph Dirand

24 January 2014

Dover Street Market New York

Pure visual inspiration!  On my last trip to London, Dover Street Market was my "It" store.  Soon as I stepped in I was enveloped by a "feeling", and to me this experience is a sign of a successful visual merchandising. You will find high end luxury brands set up side-by-side with skater brands-- that is a concept practiced by Rei Kawakubo of comme des garçons.  I am thrilled Dover Street Market is now open in New York! 

Despoke via New York Times

23 January 2014

Darkness Prevails

A dark interior has always been something I found intriguing, mysterious, extremely dramatic.  It is most sophisticated and timeless, and serves as a strong backdrop to any interior.  Lotta Agaton does it again, and claiming "dark walls is the new white".  Indeed!

Photography Maison Hand