31 August 2014

Weekend Crushing: Annaleena's Rail

Crushing, wishing, wanting...  my apologies for my consumerist self wanting something I don't have: a minimalist white kitchen with Annaleena's rail, as seen on A Merry Mishap.

Images: Jennifer Hagler

30 August 2014

Dark and Intriguing

Growing up, I was always intrigued by dark interiors.  My uncle's home in New Jersey was one perfect example.  I remember the black wall paper with silver lines, black grand piano, the dark Persian carpets, dark woods and mood lighting.  But most of all, the lingering woody and herbal scents.  I find these type of interiors mysterious.  And, sexy.

This home was created by Bureaux Architects as seen on Urbis:

Photography Simon Devitt
Desire to Inspire via  Urbis

29 August 2014

Friday Inspiration: The White Bath

Don't you dream of a white minimalist bathroom?

Styling and photography Inger Johanna for Aspen Bad

28 August 2014

Today's love: Pella's home

Always crushing on Pella Hedeby's home.  She surrounds herself with images and ideas.  She breathes inspiration.

27 August 2014

Ilse Crawford's Genius

I don't know about you, but when ELLE Decoration UK fell on my lap many years ago it changed my life.  It completely revised my perception of good interior design, and genius habitats.  As some of you know, my work revolves around the trick in the mix.  Yes the highs and lows merged together in a space.  Ilse Crawford launched ELLE Decoration UK when she was 27 yo.  In the landscape of traditional home magazines, here came EDU with its humanistic approach, very global, realistic and relevant.  Gone was the idea of a museum-like home.

Happily I share images from the exhibit: The Residency at The Apartment in Copenhagen.  It is ongoing until November 2nd, put together by Studioilse:

In my own team, we have been concentrating on doing home visits to study the reality of how people live.  With such mentors as Ilse Crawford in the design world, it puts a great perspective on successful interiors.  My inspiration continues…

17 August 2014

Classic Crush

All my favorite classics rolled into one home!  When I began sourcing inspiration and taking them seriously, this home was one of the first ones I came across.  Some of these images have been sitting on my archives for longer than a year, I suppose.  I happily came across it again. It's definitely one classic goodness:  the white linen sofa, concrete floors, exposed beams, industrial lighting, black kitchen, Thonet bistro chairs, stacked books, tripod stools...  This achromatic converted barn is one perfect modern rustic dream!

16 August 2014

Fuzzy Post party | The Morning After | My Home

Remember I mentioned organizing a party (finally after two years in this flat)?  Well, it happened!  It was a success, even though guests were requested to dress only in black + white, and even though I refused to serve red wine.  It was a risky approach but it worked!

10 August 2014

Prefab Holiday

One of my dreams is to find a gorgeous piece of land and build a prefab home.  Ideally it would be near the beach.  This summer home in Denmark is the perfect holiday home created through the design modules of Lykke + Nielsen.

The interiors are perfectly balanced with basic necessities, minimal and rustic…  Just the way I like it!

Gardenista via April and May

08 August 2014

Weekend White Inspiration: Minimalist Holiday

I can't seem to shut up about white.  Last night I finally switched my slipcovers to white and I am over the moon!  I will post photos some time this weekend.

This summer I've been eyeing on holiday digs since my awaited long weekend hasn't quite happened yet.  But today I am truly inspired by this summer house.  Perfect modern rustic minimalism.

05 August 2014

Goodbye Gloom

White, white, white!   That's all I've been talking about of late!  Well you can now say goodbye to gloomy dark grey.  My new sofa slipcovers finally arrived.  Bye for now charcoal, as seen here.

I am expecting guests this friday, and my true inspiration for the new atmosphere in the apartment is in these images…  I sent out an invite with the special instruction to refrain from bringing red wine for the evening.  Was that too much to ask??

ELLE Decoration UK via Stil Inspiration