25 September 2015

For Your Eye Candy: California Palette

The weather has cooperated really well this past week,  it's been wonderful.   Makes me think of sunny California during these times...

So today I leave you with some weekend eye candy.  A lovely renovation by Amber Interiors.  The white backdrop has really served as a clean sun-filled canvas.  The soaring ceilings with exposed beams add to the openness, with Crittal doors for outdoor access.  The pops of colour and texture give it that bohemian atmosphere.  For more of the California palette check out my krispinterior pinterest board!

Photography Tessa Neustad

19 September 2015

Belgian Minimalist

There seems to be a common thread each time I come across Belgian properties: luxury.  Whether it is architecture or interiors, sometimes even merchandising and retail design, it is warm minimalism at its best.  I must have seen the best retail store designs in Antwerp.

Vincent Van Duysen exudes this Belgian style I speak of...

Architecture and Interior Design Vincent Van Duysen

18 September 2015

Studio by IKEA | Nederland

IKEA has been cooking up a storm across the globe!   Since the 2016 catalogue launch,  seen here where I myself worked with other stylists, there's been an inspiring explosion.   Among those is a new inspiration platform in The Netherlands called Studio by IKEA.

Don't know about you,  but I'm completely smitten by the stylists moving it up a notch or two.

17 September 2015

IKEA in the mix

I just can't get enough of Swedishness styling...  putting IKEA in the mix also does the trick!

Styling Pella Hedeby + Josefin Haag
Photography Ragnar Ômarsson

11 September 2015

Weekend Inspiration: Maiju's kitchen

It makes me so happy that Maiju resumed her blog on #lagerma (she was otherwise known as Plateful of Love).  I featured her gorgeous digs here.  Rikka's new photos are so krisp and made this space even more krisp and gorgeous than it already is...

Photography Riikka Kantinkoski

10 September 2015


Is this a dream??  Fortunately not.  Visit your COS stores to get your hands on some Hay products…
Available in London, Neubeaugasse, and Gothenburg, to be launched 11 September.

09 September 2015

Beauty of the Calm

Busy packing for our Hamptons beach trip this weekend, I can't stop dreaming about calm, minimalist beach cabins.  This cottage in The Netherlands really made my heart start pounding with excitement!

Photography Morten Holtum

07 September 2015

Grey Accent

It's Labour Day and I'm spending it in bed with the laptop.  I love staycations…

The grey streak hasn't quite left my system yet.  I keep finding these fabulous spaces on blogs that it's getting me really excited and revamp the flat!  Proof right here…  That chair rail panelling is just ridiculously stunning.

06 September 2015

Japanese versus Scan

Ever since my trip to Japan, it occurred to me that the Japanese and Scandinavians are very much alike.  Whether it's their culture or aesthetic, they really are a true match.

A Swedish interior design company called BLOOC is one that consistently inspires.  So krisp, so cool, so artful, and definitely observes form language.  Witness the new project Patio here…

Ems Designblogg | Elle Decoration
Photography Kristofer Johnsson
Styling Alexandra Ogonowski

03 September 2015

Living Small, Smart + Stylish

Living tiny doesn't have to be cramped.   This home is one of the best examples I've seen lately.   Observing a Japanese |Scandinavian style,  it's minimalist approach does not compromise incredible storage possibilities.