29 June 2015

Clavin Klein's Miami Home by Axel Vervoordt

Who isn't a fan of Axel Vervoordt???  I drool each time I see his creations, as seen here.  And sure enough it happened again as if I am seeing his genius for the first time: Rustic Contemporary at its best.  You can imagine how my heart jumped when I saw Calvin Klein's Miami home!  It's too beautiful for words…


28 June 2015

Sunday Inspo: The Catskills, NY

This summer we plan to visit upstate New York a few times, whether it means renting a B&B or staying in a friend's home in Westchester.  I am personally excited about visiting the local shops, antique and general stores, and a few farm-to-table restaurants.  Last year I spent a long weekend in Westchester, and I distinctly remember being woken up by chirping birds outside my window at 9 am.  I didn't want to wake up just yet, but I hadn't realized I slept for nearly 10 hours already!  Which never happens in my NYC life, I assure you.

Today I share with you a wonderful spot in The Catskills featured on My Scandinavian Home.  Oh how I want to go there sooner than later, wake up to the smell of fresh eggs and coffee!  This house is a perfect getaway.  The lovely country kitchen with a mismatched dining room keeps getting me inspired!  I have my reservations about open storage after having lived in downtown NY for some time.  But if I had a little house in the country, I wouldn't do it differently than Jeffrey Monteiro (owner of J.M. Generals).

Source My Scandinavian Home via Design Sponge
Photography Maxwell Tielman

27 June 2015

Evolving Home of Laura Bergsøe

Do you often imagine being in a designer's home?  What would it be like to set foot into someone's creative imagination that materialized?  I certainly do - all the time.  Even for me, my home is constantly changing.  I'm consistently making it better, making it work.  It is a never ending exercise.

Laura Bergsøe, a furniture maker with a story to tell.  Her home is her canvas, testing her designs and making sure she meets her high standards and unique vision.  Her ongoing relationship with wood is a story in itself.  She mixes her own creations with a growing collection of classics.  I personally adore the casual atmosphere--  I can see this home in my California dreams...

Source Bo Bedre
Photography Brigitta Drejer/ Sisters Agency

22 June 2015

Bath in Green + Black

Yesterday I featured the innovative home of Harry Nuriev, who owns Crosby Studios.  I loved his story so much that I began snooping around his portfolio.  His Leninggradsky Prospekt Apartment has this bathroom that is to-die-for!  The green + black combination is so sharp, plus some industrial touches.

Leningradsky Prospekt

21 June 2015

Brooklyn in Moscow

How do creatives make the most of their space?  One thing is for sure - everything you look at in their home is interesting and most often with history attached to it.  Harry grew up rearranging his grandmother's furniture with ease.  It felt like a natural "thing" for him to do, then later discover an ID magazine which got him so hooked that he hasn't stopped ever since.

Moving to Moscow with Marya got his creative juices flowing.  They have since established their own design company Crosby Studios.  Harry  is now an architect, interior designer and graphic designer, while Marya is the creative director.  Together they have created this innovative home -- raw and honest, doesn't it just resonate Brooklyn styling?  It is so young New York, I love it.

When on a budget, it's best to combine IKEA with your favorite designer pieces.  It works, I promise!

Photography Jenny Brandt

20 June 2015

New York Refurbished Loft

Finally out of vacation mode, so many projects looming here at the apartment.  The next few weekends will be jam-packed with renos…  Speaking of NYC renos, now that I'm back on track the inspirations are flooding in!

First up, this TriBeCa loft truly floored me!  I looove designers that respect the old patina of a structure, removing the rotten parts and keeping the genuine sturdy roughness underneath.  Oh, it's so my style too-- nothing beats a rustic texture in a modern setting in my world!

Magdalena Keck knows how to do the trick.  This gorgeous pied- á-terre in TriBeCa though rejected permits to extend an outdoor space more than 18 inches, Keck was a genius and transformed small windows to French doors adding a brand new dimension to the living area.   Oh, that amazing wood above old ceiling tins!  A small, long and narrow bedroom didn't compromise closet space!  The linens added softness and visual interest.

OK, when can I move in??

Source Remodelista
Interior Architecture and Design Magdalena Keck
Photography Jeff Cate

18 June 2015

Black and Pine Outdoor

It's been a slow couple of weeks since I'm finding it extremely hard to get adjusted back to normalcy after a tropical vacation.   This weekend in determined to post more blog entries since inspiration has finally begun to flood in.

The weather in NY has been erratic but hopefully breezy warmer days will come.   Can't help but fantasize on nice outdoor spaces!  Must Ovi  has been my go-to for inspiration the past few months.   I watch Maja create their home, and I'm consistently swooned.

Here,  IKEA's NIPPRIG rattan chairs never looked  this good!  Black on black with unfinished pine is sooo krisp!

13 June 2015

Let There Be Light!

It has been 10 days since my return from vacation, and I frankly cannot quite snap out of it.  The breezy, lazy sunny afternoons where I hear the rustling leaves just continue to haunt me…

While I compile all of my photographs this weekend, let me first share another property that really struck me because of its purity, minimalism, and wondrous light-filled home with gorgeous views.  It's just heaven!  White, concrete, wood.

Source Livingetc. via House to Home
Architect John Pawson
Photography James Merrell for Livingetc.