27 October 2017

Living Room Goals

Blog has been rather slow. Goals are growing, editing magnified. And more rooms to conquer... I'm currently at that stage wherein less is truly more. Quality versus quantity. I came across this post on Oracle Fox that inspired me to the fullest this morning, and it is the epitome of my living room goals at this moment: sophistication.

Louise Liljencratz received quite a reputation in the interior design world in Stockholm this year. Her home is a true reflection of her sophisticated vision.

Photography Erik Leflander

07 October 2017

IKEA Malmo | Creative Hub

Creativity is taken very seriously in the IKEA world. In my experience I have witnessed the most creative meeting rooms, brainstorming areas, work rooms and the like in IKEA offices in various parts of the globe.

In Malmö is the creative headquarters allowing groups of people to work as teams and even to work alone. These rooms explore both dark and light expressions, quiet or busy + collaborative, formal as well as informal.

 This white room is perfect for a brainstorming explosion where co-workers can draw or write on whiteboard walls. Now how's that for being creative!

Photography Marcus Lawett