27 September 2016

Trending: Grey + Beige

Just like fashion, trends come in full circle in interior design. I honestly never thought 90s greige would come back in style. But then here it is- everywhere! But frankly a lot more sophisticated, mixed in with warm or even cold greys,  as well as vintage or industrial pieces to complete the look.

Also some new sofas are being introduced in different collections.  Of course IKEA is not far behind. Meet the modular VALLENTUNA, the new "it" piece this season.

Stil Inspiration via Livet Hemma
Styling Pella Hedeby
Photography Ragnar Ómarsson

18 September 2016

A Small Kitchen with Banquet Seating

Small spaces fear not. Do you own a tiny flat with lack of dining options? Banquet seating may be the answer for you. It is absolutely a favorite KRiSPINTERIOR solution. Not only are you creating seating that seemed impossible to attain, you are adding a nice cozy nook.

This Swedish apartment is one great example. It achieves a small space solution, as well as autumn atmosphere and colourways. We've been seeing cranberry shades, dark greys, as well as sheepskins online these days. Hello fall!

10 September 2016

Plain English Kitchens

As modern as I'd like to think my style of choice may be, the country and rustic influences manage to surface naturally. I suppose this explains my love for modern rustic interiors. When it comes to kitchen design warm minimalism comes to mind as well as cold laboratory looks. But admittedly, the traditional elements also attract me which stems from my love of barns, old mills, and countryside homes.

Plain English is a British company which prides in traditional construction. As handmade and utilitarian the approach, their overall aesthetic is modernized. The details, the hints of warm industrial, the authentic materials combined with arts + crafts -- truly I am hooked with this company.

Source T.D.C.
Images via Plain English + Remodelista

07 September 2016


I stumbled upon this product on So Soft Sunday. Great, just another thing to add to my wish list! Love the lines, and the fact that they're stackable works for small spaces.

Vava stool

Vava-voom  |  K R i S P I N T E R I O R

06 September 2016

Brass + Grey

For your week's jump start on inspiration: light shades of grey with brass details for a more feminine expression. I'm not one for soft pinks, but this flat looks sharp and soothing. The styling is clean and krisp, no doubt.

Brass + Grey |  K R i S P I N T E R I O R

05 September 2016

Shades of Burgundy

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm loving the new shades of burgundy that's been turning up on the web this season. It's not the typical burgundy we all know, instead it is toned with a dark grey. Feel the need to visit the newly opened Oliver Gustav studio here in Soho. His aesthetic is stunning - my true love: modern rustic. It is done in the most artful, artisinal manner. Lost for words…

Oliver Gustav Studio

04 September 2016

That Shelving!

Maiju's new home continues to be an inspiration. I love the new addition to the living room -- that HEM Lift shelving unit! These shelves are inspired by the scissor lift, and is a fabulous modular system designed by Swedish designer Staffan Holm. The krisp black lines and minimal styling produce such clean industrial effect. There is also a recurring pattern here that pulls the living room together from the rug, shelves to the sofa cushions.

 Maiju's homes have been featured on KRiSPINTERIOR in the past. Her monochrome approach with a hint of vintage Scandinavian, plus simplicity of everyday functionality just got me hooked from the first time I laid eyes on her blog: featured here and here, to name a few posts.

Styling Maiju Lagerstedt

02 September 2016

Living with Plants

It seems that I have a bit of a green thumb (who knew! ), and unexpectedly discovered this as I did an experiment living with plants, seen on this post.

Those who are a natural with plants are so lucky to sprinkle their home with them,  especially species with a very sculptural quality.  Oh, how gorgeous! Minna Jones of Time Of The Aquarius has beautiful potted plants in her country home in Finland.  Oh swoon! That SINNERLIG cork bench as a plant console is stunning. Want.

Thanks to Minna Jones for sharing her home with me as seen here. And look at her home exterior here

Interior Styling Minna Jones