30 April 2014

Clean Living with White and Blond woods

Anything Scandinavian inspires me!  Even my favorite bands are Scandinavian!  Tonight I'm sooo super ecstatic to see The Knife in concert here in NYC!  I missed Fever Ray some years ago, and I made a promise to myself I will not miss them again…

Today's home tour is as typical as Scandinavian interiors can get-- white, clean, krisp. 

So refreshing...

Residence / Lina Kastrup

29 April 2014

A Model Home for Life

One of my all-time-favorite stylists, Pella Hedeby styled this model home in a new area of homes outside Stockholm.  The nature surrounding this neighborhood is clearly reflected in the choice of furnishings and textures.  It is natural and organic, yet still embracing modernism and design.  I just adore Pella and her work!  She has quite the eye for detail and feeling.  Somebody pinch me!

Photography Kristofer Johnsson

28 April 2014

Inspirational Studio

As I browse through my list of blogs I gravitate to the small innovative spaces.  Yesterday I showed you the Small Cool 2013 winner on Apartment Therapy.  Today I inspire you with this tiny Swedish space styled by Emma Fisher for Stradhem.  Scandinavian flats are my favorite in this department!  Design is inherent in their world, and their homes are an infinite world of expression.

I adore the mix of rough, rustic finishes that are kept, and adjacent to smooth or glossy textures.

27 April 2014

Small Cool Winner 2013

Small Spaces are the biggest challenge!  It's hard to imagine the way people pack their lives in anything smaller than 500 square feet.  My favorite segment on Apartment Therapy is the annual Small Cool entries.  The 2013 international winner has the most unique space I had laid my eyes on!  Think cubic, go vertical!  I hope you get as inspired as I did…

This is Carmen's 570 SF unit in Singapore.  Brilliant.

26 April 2014

Beachy in Laurel Canyon

My California dreams never  fail especially when the warmer temps arise (although right now the climate in New York is erratic and rather confusing)…  KRiSPINTERIOR brings you this weekend's inspiration to a beachy, cottage-like beautiful home of Anne Zeigler.  A trend forecaster to fashion, she and her husband needed a world away from over-stimilated lives which landed them this incredible property with great floors, an open plan and beautiful beams.  I looove the vignettes and rustic details.  There is a play between rustic, modern, industrial and bohemian…  That mix takes skill.

23 April 2014

Minimalist Paris part Deux

Last weekend I featured much admired Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek, his warm minimalism.  Today is another architect whose interior approach gives me immense inspiration, Joseph Dirand.  Ohhhh, I have no words...

His Parisian flat exudes taste and elegance. And believe it or not, favouring function over form in his decoration.  Oh, can I just move in?


20 April 2014

Minimalist in Paris

This is my idea of minimalist living.  Leaving architectural details true, the approach to minimal living is   warmed with a rustic finish on the wooden floors and consistent furniture choices throughout.  Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek started in Montreal, Canada for INTEGRAL Jean Beaudoin .  He is now back working in projects in Antwerp, succeeding years after opening practice in Brussels.