30 May 2016

California Home of an Interior Designer

A coastal home is the very thing that takes up my download files.  It is my one true dream that will never die.  Forgive me for the lack of posts the last week or so -- we are simply basking in the California sun, soaking up all that this holiday has to offer.  Family rides along the coastal neighborhoods take up our afternoons, browsing and snooping.  Ahhh, it is such a refreshing break from the urban city noises that I am used to.

Today I feature the Malibu home of interior designer Vanessa Alexander of Alexander Design.  It is the perfect cocktail of rustic elements, industrial and vintage touch, a little bit of bohemian, a little bit of farm house.  This home has been saved on my computer for some time.  It was a blog entry that never gets old.  I could definitely live here...

The Style Files via My Domaine
Interior Design Alexander Design
Photography Tessa Neustadt

22 May 2016

Modern Beach House

Our trip to California is fast approaching. I can't fully express how excited I am to be under the west coast sun, basking in its rays every morning with the view of the ocean -- it is ultimate luxury! Summer is not that far away either for us who live in New York.  Spring was rather late, but this erratic weather reveals the sun rays on some days as true indication of summer months ahead.

I never tire of looking at gorgeous beach homes.  If I could build vacation houses consistently for a living, I would. Certainly I have hopes this will be true some day once I get my feet wet in Los Angeles. I'm counting on 2017 to be my year of dreams.

Today I share with you this beautiful modern beach house in Sydney.  My Paradissi is my go-to blog for vacation getaways, and this home swept me off my feet!  The rustic accents, the concrete, the mix of textures and linen, ethnic vibe here and there yet with clean mid-century modern lines.  I'm lost for words.  This is perfect for my typical Sunday dreaming type of a morning...  If only I can transport us all there now, I would.

My Paradissi
Photography Anson Smart

21 May 2016

Industrial Living

For you city dwellers a home like this is "the dream".  In the 90s I myself spent time wandering about loft model homes in Toronto (such as The Candy Factory), fantasizing that same dream.  I lived in one… it was my first apartment with soaring 20 foot ceilings, brick walls and a skylight.  It smelled like chocolate outside because it was near a chocolate factory.  And my very first coffee table book when I was in college was called "The International Book of Lofts".  I still dream about it today. So you see, this dream never dies.

I came across this wonderful blog post on Vosgesparis and was immediately swooned.  The industrial vibe, the cement, the Spanish tiles, exposed piping, glass and metal partitions, and wood slatted walls… everything!  It has all those elements I would've picked myself if I were to build my own lofty apartment.  The very first condo I gut-renovated in 2000 had plain solid-colored cement tiles I had custom made by this Spanish tile company.  They had never done anything like that in their business and it started a brand new line in their portfolio.  It was amazing to see it here in this flat from across the globe -- someone else had the same vision!

Architecture Johan Israelson
Styling Tina Hellberg
Photography Johan Sellen

17 May 2016

Dining Room Crush

Totally crushing on this Belgian beauty's dining room slash kitchen divided by my favorite Critall window styling.  Yup, I'm an avid fan of internal windows for those of you that know me.  This place evokes that vibe of sunny, relaxed, rustic yet krisp and modern all at the same time.

Found on Desire to Inspire
Design Just'in

15 May 2016

Montauk Dreaming

Around this time of year weekend cabin dreaming is common among New Yorkers.  The ideal life would be 5 days city living, and by friday night one is ready to travel either upstate or to the beach life of Long Island (The Hamptons, FIre Island, and Montauk, to name a few).  Well, the weather is finally changing here, as winter jackets and gloves are now stowed (for some time we all kept pulling them out again due to dropping temperatures).  My apartment has new plant life thriving on the windowsills, and the windows let in that cool spring breeze.

This Montauk beach house is one idyllic setting if you ask me.  It has the perfect vibe.  Faded, sun-bleached, sandy palette, with an eclectic mix of vintage and travel collections.  Ahh, I could just spend the entire summer here…  Wouldn't you?

14 May 2016

Industrial Tiny Flat

A small apartment doesn't need to feel cramped.  Well, definitely doesn't have to cramp your style either!  I'm totally in-love with this gorgeous industrial space.  No matter how small, it's still minimal, modern, with vintage-industrial appeal.  I love the different cozy nooks!  And that kitchen is to-die-for.  When can we move in???