30 July 2017

500 Sq. Ft. in Los Angeles

Before I moved to Los Angeles, I thought New York City has the smallest apartments. I now stand corrected. Six months ago I was faced with the challenge of apartment hunting.

Remodelista featured interior designer Paige Geffen's 500 square foot flat in Echo Park. Paige was ultimately challenged by the layout, trying to make her existing furniture fit into the space, as well as lack of storage. For you apartment dwellers out there, you are familiar with these same problems. But with Paige's experience as a prop stylist and designer, her play with scale and minimalist approach truly made this space work.

The mix of large collector's pieces, art and minimal cabinetry, each item is placed in its proper corner. All functions are intact, and Paige's personal style comes through.

Styling Paige Geffen
Photography Bethany Nauert + Lauren Moore

29 July 2017

Keeping It Simple | Small Space

Return to the basics! That's my motto when it comes to furnishing a new flat, especially when there's very limited space. Having moved around so many times in my life, I've learned (the hard way) to stay within perimeter lines, and not to buy more than what's needed. If you need to splurge, get art.

A small space can teach us how to live simply without losing personality. Every little inch counts and that is your blank canvas. This apartment in particular only has 2.5 rooms. A small number perhaps. But truly, that is all you need if you are single or a couple.

Fantastic Frank

22 July 2017

The Dream Villa | France

Been running behind on here since summer here in California is on the rise.  Loads of activities from here on... I wonder where the next vacation takes us.

Sifting through probable vacation spots, France has always been in mind. Boy was I inspired when I saw this family villa.  Who wouldn't be? It's a perfect mix of old and new, and well-curated art and furnishings.  Just located outside of Paris, it would be a great spot to detox from the city.

Via French by Design
Photography Birgitta Wolfgang for Bo Bedre

16 July 2017


A sneak peak of what's coming this fall: YPPERLIG.  A take on minimal interior fashion...  My heart is set on the love seat.  What about you?

Via April and May

05 July 2017

Minimalist Kitchen with a Rustic Texture

If I could change one thing right now in our apartment, it would be the kitchen. I'm sure most people will say the same about their kitchen, whether their home is owned or a rental. The first I would do is remove the hideous upper cabinets, get a smaller fridge, and rework the base storage all around. Interior organization and fittings are key.

This kitchen inspired me this past weekend. We all tend to accumulate stuff, but the truth is it only takes a little bit of training to need less. Minimal living is the way to go nowadays.

Kvarteret Mäkleri

Minimalist Kitchen with a Rustic Texture |  K R i S P I N T E R I Ö R

03 July 2017

Flora + Form Studio

I've been obsessing about a certain type of art and fabric lately. Luckily I saw these on sunday at Flora + Form.

 Flora + Form Studio
Artist Daniell Romero

Flora + Form Studio | K R i S P I N T E R I Ö R

02 July 2017

Summer Linen | IKEA

Los Angeles' warmer climate these days have made things a tad challenging. Not only are we needing new wardrobes, but the home also needed a few adjustments. I've been bad about posting on here, as you know, in California one spends so much time outside. And since we're only 6 months young on the West Coast, traveling has been endless.

With all that said, ideas keep flooding through. I'm happy to see the IKEA AINA linen fabric being used in a truly beautiful way. It's perfect for California weather! Pella of Stil Inspiration created a gorgeous kimono for livet hemma... Stunning.

ELLE Decoration | Stil Inspiration via livet hemma
Styling Pella Hedeby
Photo Ragnar Ómarsson