27 August 2017

Faye Toogood | Olivia Fiddes Stoneware


Faye Toogood is an all around artist that delves into the corners of fashion, interior design and art. I've admired her work since I laid eyes on her garments, and moreso since I saw photos of her family home in London. She explores innovative design and combines it with wit and uniqueness.

This current stoneware collaboration with Oliva Fiddes features a play on scale as well as a hand made aesthetic. A raw, rough vs smooth, elegant quality that embraces both artists' trademark.

View more on KRiSPINTERIÖR's feature on Faye Toogood here and here.

Lotta Agaton via Faye Toogood x Olivia Fiddes
Photography Olivia Fiddes

26 August 2017

Small Loft Apartment in Cape Town

We've seen many apartments that used plywood in very innovative ways. This Cape Town loft space impressed me because of its clean design, not too heavy on the plywood expression. Contrasted with krisp whites, the industrial appeal still remains warm, clean, and modern. The minimal decoration complements the rough interior architecture in the most positive way.

French by Design
Photography Warren Heath

19 August 2017

Contemporary Home of Annaleena Leino-Karlsson

Annaleena Laino-Karlsson is a household name in the interior world. Her work is impeccable, with utmost style and very clean vision. Her own home is no different than her admirable work that has flooded the web. She has been someone I've followed over time.

This contemporary house is everything one can only dream of. A krisp white structure with a rectilinear quality, large picture windows adorned with simple black accents. It's simply architectural genius. The modern white structure is warmed with sheepskins and wood grain on the interior.

Previous KRiSPINTERIÖR highlights on Annaleena can be seen here and here. If you're a fan of her products they are available on line here.

Residence Magazine
Design + Styling Annaleena Leino-Karlsson
Photography Kristofer Johnsson

13 August 2017

Finnish Cabin in Black and Blonde Wood

Seeing photos of Minna's country house sets my day to a good start. Inspiration just rushes in, and I want to change things around our apartment. Her cabin is the ideal summer or weekend getaway. I watched this house go under renovation as documented on Minna Jones' blog. Painted all black on the outside, but in contrast pale and blonde woods inside. It is stunning and krisp!

My favorite area is the cot by the picture window. What a relaxing little quiet spot with a gorgeous view of nature.

Minna Jones has been featured on KRiSPINTERIOR several times. To see more of Minna's country cabin you can view it here, here and here.

via Minna Jones
Photography Paulina Salonen for Asun Magazine

Finnish Cabin in Black and Blonde Wood | K R i S P I N T E R I Ö R

11 August 2017

Cool Scandi Flat with Warm Woods

Some people may be turned off by studio apartments. Not me. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to assess how you live your life. It may be your saving grace. Small does not mean cramped, or impossible, or not enough. Make it enough.

Here's an inspiration to how beautiful you can make a small flat. Perfectly balanced with monochromatic whites, and warmed with light and faded wood tones and textures. Furniture is treated like sculpture, and art is well-curated. Of course, minimal lIving is key. What a soothing space.

Styled by none other than Josefin Hååg, one of my all time favorites. To view other featured work by Josefin you can find them here, here and here. Be prepared to get swooned!

Fantastic Frank
Styling Josefin Hååg

06 August 2017

Minimal, Functional Hallway

The entry hallway is the most used part of one's home. This area should never be taken for granted as this is where the first impression is drawn when welcoming guests, as well as your first step into your home after a day's work. In my new Los Angeles apartment, I am not blessed with a foyer., unfortunately.  I managed to install HAY hooks near the door, but the dining table is a landing space for the mail for now.

I'm a big fan of Coco Lapine Design, and Sarah's hallway is just the perfect inspiration! Love the minimal styling of it without losing its functionality. Imagine the immediate calming first impression walking into this space. It is krisp and clean with a proper space to hang your coat and place your bag. The mirror is divine -- with a built-in rail to hang scarves.

This beautiful Verde mirror is from Woud, designed by Rikke Frost. You may see other hidden functions on this product here.

Coco Lapine Design
Styling and Photo Sarah Van Peteghem