27 July 2014

Pardon the Appearance

As a rookie blogger, I search ways to improve the site for viewing pleasure.  This will be a constant attempt to be better in more ways than one.  Please pardon the appearance for the next few days…

Amber Road

Bookmarked on my laptop is an emerging design team comprised of two sisters that have reunited and merged their holistic approach to design and people's lives.  Amber Road is based in Sydney and has explored their admirable philosophy in both residential and commercial portfolio.

"We create places which feed the five senses; a seamless, holistic design experience. We are not about fads or fashion. Always, our aim is to make design that encourages people to be the very best they can be"

I am quite in-love with this duo!  I admire their concept, aesthetic, and their responsible relationship with nature by means of sustainability.  They have a fantastic background and a line up of projects.  Everyone must have their eyes peeled on these women as I'm certain we will see more and more of them.

Cronulla Residence, above, is one prime example where Amber Road has demonstrated their philosophies.  From the get-go they were engaged in the clients' minimalistic aesthetic.  Minimal design may sometimes appear cold to some, but Amber Road was able to embrace warmth by introducing different wood tones and using sculptural furniture pieces and commissioned art work and photography.  The landscape architecture payed homage to the properties natural environment.  I just looove the intelligent use of natural birch ply throughout the home, and in some areas acting like sculptural installations.

source est Magazine via Amber Road
photography Prue Ruscoe

26 July 2014

White Heat

What a week!  It was a super charged work-week, as my team and I completed 5 large rooms in our showroom, boasting this year's new trends. Some of you may have attended the press release.  More on that very soon!

In the meantime, I have continuously had an open discussion with some of you regarding my white heat summer inspiration!  Now that the living room has been wonderfully rearranged my white slipcovers await…  Different shades of white has always been my go-to palette.  These recent years I was distracted by greys and even black.  Although I think I may have at least one black accent wall somewhere in the apartment.  The images below are my true inspirations.  Both Stylizimo and Ollie & Seb's haus offer great white solutions.  It's all in the krisp details.

Nina Holst of Stylizimo:

Deborah Gordon of Ollie & Seb's Haus:

21 July 2014

Vacation Rental Dream

It's exhausting thinking of all the possibilities when planning a vacation!  I, myself, am getting ready for a long-awaited trip to Basel and Stockholm come this fall.  Looking through rental properties I wish I could visit ten cities in one trip!  But of course that's just unheard-of if you have a demanding day job.

But nothing stops me from snooping around these said properties.  Look through these images of the Strandwood House located in Rugen Island, Germany.  It looks like a nice fishing village, but the accommodations are minimal modern rustic (ah- my favorite!)…  The grey tones are so soothing.  With just enough rustic elements and textures to feel of the nature surrounding it.  The industrial touches add to its special character.

Strandwood House via Desire to Inspire

20 July 2014

Sunday, Sunday in Black + White | My Home

Last Weekend we had a question:  Collage or not?  Luckily I was inspired enough to rearrange the living room, collect my prints and get going…  I've been meaning to frame my Debbie Harry | CBGB postcards from PUNK: From Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Met.  But-- collage NOT!  This is what happened instead...

I realized I had so much stuff and had to regroup them.  Today is Sunday bliss, as I continue this procrastinated project.  My white sofa slipcovers will be purchased very soon!  It feels good to finally do this.

images K R i S P I N T E R I O R

19 July 2014

Architecture: Mix and Match

In Interior Design School, I couldn't help but lean towards one of the many styles we had to study, and that was what is known as "New York Style".  Not only was NY my one dream destination, it was in fact my favorite city in the world. Even way back in high school, I had spent my spring breaks walking its streets and loving the incomparable energy it offered, whilst my schoolmates spent their money on Cancun.

And today I am living my NYC dream.

What was so interesting about New York Style you may ask?  For one, it is quite distinct.  What I love about it is the mix and match of classical and new.  Perhaps that is similar to many other styles, as Paris and Madrid have that same concept in their apartments.  But they still differ one way or another.  This particular project reflects all the elements I speak of:  modernized herringbone floors (joints are more chevron pattern than the traditional parquet joint), wall paneling, detailed mouldings with dentils, open concept, ultra-modern furnishings, industrial touches.  A mix of Neoclassic and modern.

Who says you have to be in NYC to embrace the New York Style?  This flat is located in Moscow.

project INT2 Architecture

12 July 2014

Weekend Question: Gallery or not?

White walls have been the rage in my world of late.  I've also spoken about white floors on my previous post.  But,  I can't help but still gravitate to the contrast of dark floors adjacent to white walls.  

My heart melts when I see sophisticated, masculine homes with a tasteful collection of art and objects against an all-white backdrop. Based on what some of you have expressed to me, a good collage is often a challenge… How to arrange it?  Structured or random?  One statement or use several walls?  Same sized frames with like materials and colour or a variety?  The possibilities are endless.  

Uffe Buchard is the editor in chief of Dansk magazine.  His home is a sophisticated gallery of collections.  It is also a montage of warm woods and cognac leather, embracing different textures of concrete, bentwood, stone, and reclaimed wood.

11 July 2014

Summer Blues

Please.  Take.  Me.  Here.

This summer cottage is located in Denmark.