30 July 2016

White Rustic Beach House in SA

Oh baby, it's hot outside! You have any plans? Look at this marvelous destination beach house in Cape Town, South Africa. Just a wonderful mix of rustic white surfaces and unfinished natural materials. I can almost feel the hot but satisfying ocean breeze!

My favorite part of the house is definitely the bedroom that opens up to that vast exterior, from the deck to the ocean (definitely an ultimate fantasy). And wow, those loungers truly entice, don't they?

French By Design
Photography Warren Heath

24 July 2016

Kitchen Inspiration from Jennings Hotel

There are two kitchen styles that I tend to go back and forth with. One is an all-white minimalist laboratory, almost very antiseptic look. The other is a natural + rustic inspired kitchen with exposed storage, but also with a minimal touch. Both styles would normally not consist of wall cabinets (it's a storage dumping ground), but instead, having a small bank of pantry cabinets on one wall for groceries and such.

I stumbled upon Jennings Hotel/Oregon on Remodelista. Not only are their rooms inspiring, the communcal kitchen really got to me. I love its natural look, with open shelving housing only the bare essentials. It's a communal kitchen that shares its space with a library and dining space. Wouldn't you want to stay here? It's been years since my visit to Oregon, and I think this place would be my next place of R&R.

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Design Collaboration Wood & Faulk + Phloem Studio
Jennings Hotel, Oregon

23 July 2016

Modern Victorian

One hot topic for me is keeping old bones of a traditional home but with modern interiors. It is always a good idea to mix. This Australian Terrace Victorian is one great example.  Ooh, the art collections and eclectic mix of Mid-century, Scandinavian and contemporary.  Ooh that kitchen! AAANNNDDD, Oooohh that outdoor space is a dream…

I wish I wish I wish.

Homes To Love
Design O'Connor and Houle Architecture
Photography Derek Swalwell


21 July 2016

Sneak Peek: SVARTAN Collection

IKEA fans! Another collection to knock your socks off: SVARTAN. A collaboration between designer Martin Bergström and 25 students from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi. A merging of organic and abstract,  traditional and modern.

Crushing on that table,  BIG TIME.


15 July 2016

Nordic Villa with a Palm Lounge

Going gaga over my news feed of all the beautiful villas, vacation homes, and the cool hotel spots I haven't discovered. A Scandiphile myself, I drool over Nordic homes. Summer keeps me excited about where to go this year for a quick break. This time of year, as well, is when our home transforms. This villa in particular is giving me a head start on the inspiration.  I'm loving the mix of modern minimalist vibe, rustic, vintage and DIY.  I'm all about vintage finds these days.

Ohhh, that deck/palm lounge! Take me there ...

Bo Bedre
Photography Nicoline Olsen

13 July 2016

12 July 2016

Finnish Country Kitchen

Perhaps some of you may already be familiar with my admiration for Finnish interiors. Minna Jones of Time of the Aquarius has a very distinct clean eye. Other than her special touch on product collages, her home reflects her very own krisp style that i am bonkers for. She even makes her vintage finds look so new without losing their classic essence.

Minna's country home has advanced its progress and it is looking amazing. Here's the latest snaps of her gorgeous minimal yet warm kitchen:

By the way,  i love seeing larger plant pots or vases on dining tables. The play with scale is impactful.

For more delicious interiors by Minna check them out here and here, as well as her latest entry for IKEA livet hemma
Time of the aquarius
Styling Minna Jones

10 July 2016

Modernism in Marrakech

The sizzling hot weather lingers on our urban streets, as the concrete steams angrily, we only wish the chance to get away. This modern Moroccan home is an ideal place for hot summer days, don't you think? Ahhh, my love for modern Marrakech is always alive (I wish and I pray and I pine to visit in this lifetime). This home of Cassandra Karinksy, the name behind Kulchi, has the Marrakech flare with Scandinavian influences, and eclectic mix of vintage and rustic. Oh so divine, and beautifully sprinkled with local arts and crafts, and of course Kulchi statement rugs. And that outdoor spot!

Cassandra at her lovely dining room. 
If you adore modern Morrocan interiors as much as I do, find more inspiration here and here

The Style Files via Bo Bedre
Photography Gaelle Boulicaut

footnote:  KRiSPINTERIOR paused for a moment this past weekend.  It's been a tough week here in America. We needed to reflect, and perhaps have a moment for silent prayer. It truly is a difficult time, but I pray for us all to continue to be good citizens.