30 April 2016

Achromatic and Serene Home

It's been a while since I've had a relaxed saturday morning with no particular agenda in mind.  Still woke up at the crack of dawn, but today I am inspired to make some changes in the home…

Although dreaming to have greenery indoors, I have to admit I'm nothing but a blackthumb.  This didn't stop me yesterday, and I purchased some SINNERLIG pots from IKEA, as well as a bonsai tree and a succulent.  Let's just give it a try this year.

With that said, the inspiration overflowed me this morning and perused my way around my favorite blog posts.  This one achromatic and minimal home's details definitely hit the spot!  The serenity is quite inviting.  The cohesive flow of neutral shades is soothing, and yet with a subtle punch of dark accents.

Coco Lapine Design
Source Alvhem

28 April 2016

Crushing on IKEA

Today I am truly crushing on IKEA NORDLI modular chest of drawers!  What is it -- is it a headboard,  is it storage?  Is it a room divider?   Looks like it's all of the above. 

Stil Inspiration via Livet Hemma
Styling Pella Hedeby
Photography Anna Malmberg

23 April 2016

Rustic Getaway

The warmer temperatures have enticed me to sift through beach rental properties.  Mind you I tend to go on a lower budget side since "roughing it" is never truly an issue.  But one can always dream, right?  Last December I was lucky enough to spend a week in Riviera Maya.  It was gorgeous! Although nothing quite compares to the turquoise waters, the impeccable views and my wonderful villa in Santorini.  It's been a couple of years, and I am constantly day-dreaming to experience it once again…

For now I share with you this wonderful dreamy property in St. Bart's.  Swooned by the rustic environment -- all that texture and crisp whites. I can only imagine those lazy, breezy afternoons.

Visit Villa Palmier if this suits your ideal setting for a summer getaway in the Carribean.  I'm certainly bookmarking this!  

Photography Kate Holstein

19 April 2016

Greenthumb Wishing

Caring for plant life has never been my forte.  But if it were, my flat would be flooded with greenery! Add that to the never ending wish list.  Just look at this Gothenburg space -- wow, that soft bedroom canopy reminds me of rustic Santorini homes.

It is 66° today in New York City.  It's finally spring!  How I long for a sunny balcony.   I'm inspired by green houses today.

For more green thumb inspired spaces look at Spring Is Here and Greenhouse Inspo. Furthermore,  KRiSPINTERIOR's exterior pinterest board has all the eye candy for you on this sunny day.

My Scandinavian Home
Styling Ostlingh & Schedin
Photography Anders Bergstedt

10 April 2016

Summer Cabin Dream

The weather is so confusing here in New York.  Every weekend we take out winter coats and hats, and midweek it's 70 degrees.  I don't mind the cooler weather especially in this city, but make up your mind!  The gloomy days this week made me dream of summer months up ahead.

This Fire Island cabin is an ultimate getaway dream away from the usual city sounds I am used to.  Everything owners Ann and Lori did to this space is perfection!  The dream of a weekend getaway that would not require a car from point A to B is ideal.  To arrive here is something anyone would look forward to after any grueling week at the office.

The white walls and exposed rafters give the place that beachy atmosphere.  A minimal approach to furnishings and even a tiny kitchen with no more than basic essentials makes this tiny home feel complete.  The rustic Scandinavian touches are heavenly...

Photography Kate Sears

03 April 2016

Sunday Softness

Nothing beats some Scandi softness on Sunday mornings…  Love, love, love the mix of vintage classic goodness and Scandinavian clean lines.  Normally I lean towards a more masculine interior setting, but I have a weakness for a certain precise softness.  The home of Tanja Vibe is a perfect Sunday eye candy.

For more Scandinavian inspiration have a look at KRiSPINTERIOR's Purely Scandinavian pinterest board.

Nordic Design via ELLE Denmark
Photography Line Klein

02 April 2016

New York Loft


is how you convert a factory building unit in Manhattan.



Interior Architecture Workstead
Photography Matthew Williams