26 September 2014

Creative Minds love IKEA

Whether you are minimalist or maximalist, IKEA offers various solutions.  Through the years I've learned that great creative minds know how to mix their highs and lows, their lights and darks, their organized mess, and their freaky neat!  And most of all, they know how to use IKEA in the most beautiful way.

Fashion blogger, Rebecca Centren and her partner Andreas, a carpenter, share this home located in a fishing village in Sweden.  I admire Rebecca's fine, crisp taste, and I can never say enough about it (as shown here, here, here)!  It's almost embarrassing how high I get indulging on images of their home. I am blown away each time- what can I say!

Thanks iKEA live for sharing "The New Minimalists"!

Photography Line Ikse
Styling Pernilla Warnhammar | Rebecca Centren

25 September 2014

Fab Prints

In looove with these new prints!  I think there's space at home for this fabulousness <3 <3 <3

24 September 2014

Art in the Home

Does your art match your home?  Stylizimo's Nina Holst not only styles her home to a perfect crispness, her art is part of the composition as well.

22 September 2014

Bedroom Inspiration

Are you like me, consistently struggling to make your bedroom your own piece of heaven??  It is often a daunting task to keep bringing the most private of your home spaces be as serene as serene can possibly get.  The bedroom is the most-lived portion of my flat and even though I find the perfect spot for everything and best atmosphere, it has a tendency to grow piles every so often.  It is currently at that stage again *sigh*

Thankfully I came across this space on A Merry Mishap, the home of stylist Thomas Lingsell.  Simple, sharp, and relaxing.  And yes, he has his unique way of bringing the outdoors in.

21 September 2014

Sunday Vintage Inspiration

The Vintage look need not look old.  As shown in this amazing flat, it can be modern and krisp, even new!  Here is a good mix of vintage elements and shapes, even pastel palettes in a clean backdrop of whites with sharp black accents.  The trick is in the mix.  Do you have your own recipe?

Sophie Kamphovener / www.askoe-kunst.com

20 September 2014

R & R Here I Come

Head over heels with this stylish Nordic home!  These images completely transport me…  The atmosphere is ideal, and I am truly counting the days till I set foot again in sunny climates and breezy ocean air.

STIL inspiration via Plaza Interior
Styling Pella Hedeby
Photography Kristofer Johnsson

14 September 2014

The Bunker in Balearic Islands

I still feel like I didn't have enough of summer this year...  The summer getaway fantasy continues.  I unfortunately had to postpone planned trips to Basel and Stockholm this year due to health reasons. But the vacation doesn't stop there.  Perhaps my summer will come alive once I set foot again in the beaches of California!  Two weeks left -- the countdown begins!

California homes have always been on top of my list.  This property called The Bunker in Balearic Islands I can see situated in Cali for obvious reasons.  A wonderful mix of contemporary pieces with rustic, ethnic textiles, hides and wood.  It is just perfect!

13 September 2014

Moderne in the country

We are approaching October and the breeze has become cooler.  Autumn is in the air, but I will continue to fantasize a summer getaway.  Besides, it's summer somewhere else around the globe, isn't it?

This would be the summerhouse of my dreams!  It is modern in the country!  From architecture to furnishings we can see that ultra modern influence.  And yet it is mixed with rough edges and cozy textiles.  My favorite butterfly chair is an ultimate modern choice for me which suits any interior style expression.  Industrial lighting and a pallet-style coffee table add to that special aesthetic in this home.   Aahhh, I dream...