26 April 2015

Black and Gold

One of the most intriguing interiors are those dark, moody ones using black + gold.  In fashion, sure that's a plus in my KRiSPEXTERIOR world…  But in interiors, it is most mysterious and sophisticated when done right.  Perusing my blogroll this weekend I found this gorgeous kitchen on Hege in France. I just died!

Source Hege in France
Interior Design Fiona Lynch
Styling Marsha Golemac
Photography Brooke Holm

25 April 2015

Outdoors in the City

Are you one of those lucky ones who gained a usable balcony in the city when you signed your lease?  In major cities in the world this is definitely hard to come by.  Here in New York, it is considered a godsend if you can even sit outside on the fire escape or the rooftop of your building.  In my apartment crawling out of the window is not exactly an ideal situation.

The temperature dipped down to 46 degrees last night and it was heartbreaking.  But I am not letting that dampen my wishes for a wonderful spring and summer this year.  If you have indeed been gifted an urban outdoor space, how will you make it your own personal city paradise?  Here are my findings…

For more exterior inspiration look here.

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24 April 2015

Outdoors In? Or Indoors Out? part III

This weather in New York is so confusing!  It's chilly as hell and it's back to scarves and autumn jackets...  But my "outdoors in" kick is not compromised.  My fantasy continues.

Head over heels with this kitchen!  The monochrome palette, and of course the large glass doors to the back deck just floored me.

Source The Design Chaser

19 April 2015

Outdoors In? Or Indoors Out? Part II

With summer fast approaching, I dream of the perfect shower.  Someday I will own something like these…

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17 April 2015

Outdoors In, our Indoors Out?

A dream backyard opens seamlessly to the I indoors.  I'm not one for sprawling lawns, although a view of the forrest would be divine. But being a city mouse, myself, I prefer a practical, small outdoor space where I don't compromise our already compromised environment and water shortage.

When I laid eyes on this wonderful properly I just died...

Source Remodelista
Photography JJ Locations

16 April 2015

Sorrento Fantasy

Sorrento is one of those breathtaking places I've laid eyes on.  To live there by the water sounds like a dreamy fantasy, doesn't it?!  Well for interior designer Shareen Joel it's a reality.  I can't say enough about this place.  I remember my jaw dropping when these images popped up on the blogs.   What really captivated me was the outdoor shower and those gorgeous minimal bathrooms.  Summer is fast approaching and my tropical vacation awaits.  Wishing it was in this house, but it's close enough...

Source Share Design
Design Shareen Joel
Styling Marsha Golemac
Photography Brooke Holm

13 April 2015

Small Kitchen Love

Personally, a huge kitchen is not something I dream of.  Wall cabinets are usually out of the question in my book if I were given much choice, space-wise.  I prefer a compact, well-designed, minimal, laboratory inspired kitchen. If I were to show you the perfect one I've seen it was posted here.

This weekend I came across a small, white but cozy little number.  Although I usually prefer it all-white, the spanish tiles in this kitchen gave it that rustic detail that I also gravitate to when the modern rustic mood strikes me.  The bench on the dining set is quite a charmer.

12 April 2015

Light and Achromatic

Things are aligning in the stars, as factors in my life come to a more progressive point these days.  My purpose has become more evident and wild, wild aspirations occur!  I ordered some business cards which I will share with you soon as they arrive.  Today abounds the new life.

With this new found excitement of spring finally arriving in New York City, my inspirations are strongly more and more into the light, airy, and fresh atmosphere.  Light greys, whites, nudes, and some greenery in your space.  Spring is renewal.

11 April 2015

Spring Inspiration

New ideas.  New concepts.  New outlook.  New life.

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08 April 2015

Keeping History Intact in Brooklyn

Brooklyn to  me is one of the most exciting places for residential design here in New York City.  I especially loved it when these home owners have an admiration for that old brownstone patina.  They refused to remove the original 1800s brick facade, as contractors suggested keeping a look uniform to other Greenpoint neighbors with 1970s aluminum siding. The owners put their foot down,  same with keeping the old exposed beams.  Noroof architects saved the day.  They managed to find the proper sustainable building materials,  such as reclaimed flooring from a church to survive grueling city permits, and also giving owners beautiful updated interiors.  

I'm swooning over that window above the old fireplace in the living room!   And the patterned tiles by the staircase just blew me away.   The internal window above the staircase allowed light to come through this narrow row house!   And the back deck left these city dwellers with ongoing relationship with the outdoors.