28 February 2017

Finn Juhl | Hakuba, Japan

Onecollection earned the rights to produce classic Finn Juhl furniture from the 40s and 50s.  Ivan Hansen and Henrik Sørensen founded this company back in 1990 under a different name, but relaunched in 2007.

Hotel House of Finn Juhl is located in the mountains of Hakuba, Japan. How would you like to visit this location ... Now, wouldn't that be a dream?

Source So Soft Sunday via Onecollection
Photography Onecollection
Location House of Finn Juhl | Hakuba, Japan

Finn Juhl | Hakuba, Japan |  K R i S P I N T E R I Ö R

27 February 2017

Dark Green Accent

A beautifully designed home in Gothenburg, Sweden with mixed styles combining classic Scandinavian design, IKEA, and vintage finds. Dark Green accents are sprinkled throughout adding that modern richness to the overall aesthetic.  A hint of cognac leather gives that touch of luxury.

Often I tend to appreciate a more monochromatic approach, but dark green or military green are shades I can't stay away from.

Elle Decoration Sweden
Styling Alexandra Ydholm
Photography Andrea Papini 

26 February 2017

Ross Cassidy | CB2

If "Million Dollar Decorators" was one of your obsessions, then Ross Cassidy rings a bell. I, myself, was hooked on the TV series and normally it would loop on marathon mode. It is pleasant to see these designers outside of the reality TV bubble.

Ross Cassidy collaborated with CB2, with a focus on Japanese-inspired minimalism meets luxury. Breaking down the basics of good design down to the most zen-like qualities and adding a touch of richness.

My favorite piece is the Workhorse, a design based on time spent in construction sites where one uses sawhorse trestle as a table base and a big slab of surface placed as a tabletop.  Cassidy's combination of basic design with a touch of fine detail.

And that terrazzo table lamp!

Source CB2

Ross Cassidy | CB2 |  K R i S P I N T E R I Ö R

19 February 2017

Cloud | &Tradition

Those of you who know me personally know that my dream sofa is literally one resembling a cloud. Funny, my favorite sofa of the moment is called "Cloud". Luca Nichetto brilliantly combines Danish design and Italian craftsmanship.

Luca Nichetto is a household name in design.  He had been previously featured on KRiSPINTERIÖR found here.

Design Luca Nichetto

18 February 2017

Hindö Collection | IKEA

The Southern California that I knew had massive brown, desert-like mountains until we moved here about a month ago.  The rains and wintry season came along with us from New York and it has been raining almost daily since we arrived. The view of the mountains from our balcony, as well as from driving the streets are now bright mossy green. How gorgeous!

It is the perfect season to feed those greens in your home in SoCal. Nothing beats the IKEA Hindö collection. Check it out in the new Burbank store showing the most inspiring solutions.

Designer David Wahl

13 February 2017

Trending 2017

Going through the list of 2017 forecasts by well-known editorials as well as designers made me think. Some I knew instinctively would make the list, and others posed a question mark. Is it just a matter of personal taste? Perhaps.

One material that caught me by surprise was terrazzo. But I was pleased.

In this time and age there is nothing more desirable than recycled materials.

Photography Erik Lefvander

12 February 2017

Ett Hem: Home Away from Home | Ilse Crawford

My good friend reminded me to see the wonderful series "Abstract: The Art of Design". I was immediately hooked especially the episode on Ilse Crawford and her genius approach to design.

HYGGE, a Danish tradition of making the ordinary extraordinary. The importance of a feeling, of a moment, of the present. Ilse Crawford is all about well being, and one's relationship to a space. It is not about the objects themselves, but how one interacts with them.

Ett Hem in Sweden is a perfect example of a home away from home, conceptualized by Ilse's team and the owners of this former Arts & Crafts building:

This 12 room guesthouse makes a visitor feel at-home surrounded by its casual atmosphere, absent of the stiffness of a hotel. Corners are made for gathering, giving one that special feeling of visiting family on holiday, with the freedom to do whatever they please.

Ett Hem Hotel, Stockholm
Design Ilse Crawford

11 February 2017

Wood as the Pop of Colour

Slowly unpacking boxes in the new apartment, the overwhelming feeling of work that is never done haunts me. A friend just recently told me it took her six months to unearth all her possessions to create the new home. Six months! My goal is to do it in one month at most, hopefully less.

Inspiration has been set aside as priorities were shifted around. But now I am happy to say I am back to inspiration! Somehow I have to make our new imperfect apartment perfect for the time being. Sifting through my favorite stylists, Marie Ramse's recent work popped up and I am completely ecstatic to share it with you! This flat is the exact look I am aiming for -- who wouldn't? The monochromatic appeal is divine, and wood is the pop of colour as well as texture. And those herringbone floors ...

September Edit via Hitta Hem
Styling Marie Ramse
Photography Emily Laye