25 May 2014

Sunday Eye Candy

Today we visit this Williamsburg loft renewed by artist Anthony Goicolea.  A long process a renovation, some parts expensive, some parts reclaimed old loves renewed to new life.  It is an eclectic mix of old and new, emanating from the pure creative nature of the artist.  This beautiful space is clearly that distinct taste of Brooklyn loft-living!  My favorite spot here is the collage set up on the stairs landing.  Second is the blackboard barn door that leads to the bathroom.   Everywhere you look, every corner builds some interest for the viewer.

24 May 2014

Majorca Summer Dreaming...

Is Majorca in your agenda this summer??   Loving the neutral palette and natural rough materials mixed in with black + white accents.  Wouldn't you want to spend the holidays here?

20 May 2014

Teeny-Tiny Tuesday

Here in New York (or most city centres, I should say), space is a  L U X U R Y.  Most people, as myself, have our bikes parked somewhere in the living room, and perhaps in the hallway.  With the coolest bike hangers design companies offer today, it's not a bother!  Check out Remodelista and Apartment Therapy.  Look at this awesome teeny-tiny flat with the bike hanging front and centre.  Still cool as hell...

19 May 2014

Midcentury Monday

Hope you had an inspiring and beautiful weekend!  Let's start off the new week with a boost!  Midcentury fans would truly drool over the carefully selected pieces.  I personally am taken by that cognac leather.  Cognac is quite a nice, rich punch in an all-white space.  Of course that Diamond Bertoia chair never fails either…  I admire how this flat is kept simple and  sparse, and that Op-art is to die for!

18 May 2014

Sunday Home Tour

One of the most progressive magazines, MONOCLE, has a British designer as part of their editorial team.  Charles Mellersh is all about telling a story when designing a space.  He knows how to integrate furnishings from a certain era with today's trends, creating a very modern space.

I am sooo in love with the mix of midcentury treasures, honed marble, brass, and pops of olive green.  This is one of those refined eclectic homes I'd love to move in.  Wouldn't you?

photography Chris Tubbs

17 May 2014

Black + White Perfection

In Tromso, Norway, a beautiful spot is occupied by krisp and stylish Ronja Norum, along with her partner, two kids and a cat named Happy Go Lucky.  Thanks to French by Design for sharing this inspirational home.  It is ever-so-timeless using black + white + wood -- my favorite combination…  I especially love the rustic elements added to complete the look.  And oh my, that view of nature!

16 May 2014

Dream Starter Studio

Don't you just wish you had this dream studio loft when you moved skint into the city when you were trying you find your independent streak??  I do, I do!  I wish rentals as such existed back then…  or TODAY for that matter!  The multi-level makes the small footprint unconfining.

Ohh, Fantastik Frank you always make me drool over these spaces...