27 October 2014

Monday Mood: Winter Greys

There is no denying how much of a fan I am of white home interiors.  But I must admit, every fall and winter I am utterly attracted to greys.  This home used the most perfect shades of grey, from the marble floors, grey floor boards, warm walls, and linen in the bedroom.  The black and white accents add to its krisp styling.

26 October 2014

Victorian Not

Traditional fan I am not, but what have I always said in the past?  "The trick is in the mix!"  One other thing to remember is that element of surprise.  Through the years I have dreamed of restored Victorian homes but with extreme modern interior furnishings.  Now, that surprise is most impactful!

Poteet Architects a SanAntonio firm has wonderful archives of their work and this Capp home is one Victorian wonder.

24 October 2014

Inspired by Annaleena's Genius

I'm back in NYC and yes the inspiration had started to flood in.  But man, it's so fast-paced here I always run out of time!  My last blog post was on Sunday, and I really need to dedicate more time to share the endless inspiration that surround me (my day-job takes up most of my days, but I know it's no excuse)…

Today I'm completely head-over-heels over Annaleena's styling work!  Ugh, if only I could be as good!  What a genius, her touch, her eye, just her over all aesthetic is a dream!  Her work for  Blooc project just floored me.

19 October 2014

In Love with Concrete + White

In my dreams!  Pale concrete, white paint.  In my world it would be furnished with rustic wood and black accents, and would also be just as minimal.  Include that dog as well.  Plus a cat.

18 October 2014

NY Envy

It is surprisingly warmer here in NYC compared to sunny Los Angeles.  I miss the pacific coastline and the Spanish homes California has to offer.  But when I think of NYC I think of never-ending inspiration, and let the inspiro-filled days begin!

In Sag Harbor sits this eclectic home that speaks east coast cottage life.  ASH NYC is known for their staging genius, hotel designs and hospitality management.  And most especially their concept of mixing ancient art and history with modern aesthetic.

Who wouldn't want to move to NY?  You can have a beach house there too!

my paradissi via set magazine

10 October 2014

Detoxify in Style

If it's within your budget, why not give yourself a kick in the butt!  Go to Malibu's The Ranch, get in shape and detoxify in style.  The program is a bit high end for my thin wallet, it could only be in my dreams!  But the ranch itself is a spectacular landscape, a perfect modern rustic setting.  I'm in love with the outdoor al fresco picnic table on a bed of gravel!  The bedroom is a true relaxing space for your down-time.  The linen slipcovers and sheets are my favorite texture.  Linen from the lounge areas to the dining table--  just perfect.

06 October 2014

Graphic, Sharp, and Simple

A well-known graphic designer, Rikke's home is just as sharp as her work.  The krisp lines and black & white palette offer a clean canvas, open to easy change between seasons, and perhaps styling expressions with textiles and textures.  It's quite elegant, don't you agree?  I could certainly live in this space!  I wouldn't change a single thing…

79 ideas via Bolig
photography Andreas Mikkel hansen

05 October 2014

Where to Stay in L.A.

Whenever I'm in L.A. I'm usually situated far from the city, closer to the beach towns along the coast.  But if ever I'd like to be closer downtown I wouldn't mind budget beach living at The Rose Hotel in Venice Beach.  It has the rustic roughness I adore, but with a Mid-century twist.

"We never set out to create a perfect hotel;  our walls are thin, and the building is wonky…  But it's not like any other hotel.  And we like it just like it is." says creators Glen Luchford & Doug Bruce.