27 February 2016

Good Morning Picasso

Don't you just love waking up to inspiration on a Saturday?  Picasso is now in Maiju's kitchen…  I'd be surprised if you have not seen Maiju's home, beautifully photographed by Rikka Kantinkoski.  In case you haven't follow these links and be inspired this weekend:

Photo Maiju

24 February 2016

Greenhouse Inspo

It's not unusual for you to hear me rave about barns and farmhouses. I just looove them coverted to modern interiors with the rustic touch.   And is also not unusual for you to see me go gaga over black houses either...  well i just went nuts over this black Danish greenhouse.  What about you?

Found on The Style Files
Source Femina.dk
Photography Mikkel Adsbøl

23 February 2016

Minimal Kitchen Crush

Super crushing on this rustic,  minimal kitchen!  Looove the marble,  brass, pottery and exposed beams.  There's an art to open storage of you practice minimalism,  and this kitchen demonstrates just that. 

20 February 2016

Unexpected Space

Ever since I grew some awareness on interior design I've identified with rescued spaces, warehouse digs, and unexpected finishes.  Often I found the beauty in raw materials, and even decaying bits here and there.  I came across this house on the blogroll and it connected with me that it transported me back to the beginning stages of design curiosity in my world.  Adore the surprises!  I especially love the unassuming facade, and better yet the integrated outdoor spaces in the interior architecture.  And -- THAT SHOWER.

Breathe Architecture
Found on Desire to Inspire

16 February 2016

Kitchen Rail

Love this look.  Art inspiration in the kitchen is my thing as well (which I've just recently completed).  Been meaning to hang my stainless steel rail in the kitchen, keeping essentials within easy reach -- waiting to happen…  small space blues in New York.

(my) unfinished home via Mad&Bolig
Photography Brigitta Wolfgang Dreijer

15 February 2016

Monday Eye Candy

Dining room looove.  Perfectly captured by Brigitta Wolfgang Driejer

Coco Lapine Design via Bo Bedre
Photography Brigitta Wolfgang Dreijer

14 February 2016

Tiny Living in the City

This is how you do tiny living in the city:

  • A calm, cohesive palette
  • Light, movable furniture without compromising scale
  • Practicing minimalism
  • Living with only the essentials

Sooo in love with this space!  That kitchen especially.  Inspiring, well-curated furniture pieces to complete a neutral contemporary look.  In this day and age, living small is the way to go.  I could definitely live here.

Styling Josefin Haag

13 February 2016

Ingregerd Råman

You know me and my undying Swedish fascination.  Working as an interior designer for IKEA really helps keep the Scandinavian awareness in my world.  IKEA news have been flooding my blogroll and inbox like crazy since late 2015 so the VIKTIGT collection is no stranger.  If you missed it you can view it here and here, as well as a background on Ingregard Råman and her collaboration with IKEA designers here.  The designer is one of the most recognized ceramicists and glass designers in Scandinavia.  Her home had been featured many times, and here's a sneak peek!  I love the warm minimalism...

Interior Decor Claison Koivisto Rune for Skona Hem

08 February 2016


Surely you've been hearing about this new line, as seen here, and here.  Cheers to more democratic design.

To learn more about VIKTIGT visit this space here.  Images found on elv's via Still Inspiration.

07 February 2016

One Room Living

Obsessed, what can I say?  Small spaces are so intriguing.  It truly tests one's ability to be smart and innovative.  Are you a city dweller?  Do you have brilliant solutions for you tiny space?  Here's one example on how to do one room living without making you feel as if you walked into an explosion of multi-rooms in a shoebox.

I love how the sleeping area is segregated by a simple wall colour -- it created that cozy corner.  Living in a small flat means smart furniture choices.  In this case light, movable accent chairs are used, as well as stackable ones which come in handy for extra seating when entertaining guests.  A drop leaf dining table can be tucked against a wall.  What's more, the table itself has built-in storage for items of immediate use such as coasters, napkins or your salt and pepper shakers.  The gallery wall also created a "room within a room" effect.  A cohesive monochromatic palette unifies this entire space.

To join my obsession with small spaces have a look at KRiSPINTERIOR pinterest board that I share with So Soft Sunday.  Also you can find my favourite small features here, here, and here.

06 February 2016

Do You Speak French?

Having traveled many cities, it is so wonderful to see characteristic styles from country to country.  Though I am a true Scandinavian admirer at heart, I also have this avid fascination for the very distinct French interior.  It's such a romantic medley of old versus new, neoclassic adjacent to art deco adjacent to mid-century, a little bit bohemian, a little bit of luxury… all of which are rolled into one cohesive chaos (if that even makes sense).  Swooned.

Interior Design Maison Hand
Photography Felix Forest