31 July 2015

Dream Black Poolhouse

We are in a hell of a heatwave here in New York, and that dream of owning a cottage outside the city is becoming more and more appealing, and perhaps it should really be in everyone's lifetime wish list.  It's certainly in mine.

Monochromatic schemes prevail no matter what the season, and usually I'm drawn to dark exteriors. Always modern with a rustic Scandinavian edge in there somewhere.  And definitely pared down.  A pool would be the ultimate dream as well.

Remember Minna Jones' Finnish cabin?  Yup, like that, and add a dark pool to the equation...

27 July 2015


Just last week New York went gaga over IKEA.  Myself included!  The 2016 IKEA catalogue was finally introduced and it was a very eventful week.  We're now in the middle of 2015 while the whole world awaits for the unveiling of Ilse Crawford's collaboration with IKEA, a project that the designer herself went gaga over.  If you missed my original post back in February you may view it here. We are speaking of none other than the SINNERLIG collection -- a stunning collection focused on sustainability.

STIL Inspiration via IKEA Today

25 July 2015

The Making of a Dream House

Saturday mornings are often dedicated to my personal black hole.  This black hole consists of a bottomless resource of inspirational images I choose to drown myself in.  Though my words may sound morbid, believe me, I am in pure bliss.  I've been inspired recently, having been engaged in great projects both at work and at home, I cannot help but "daydream house"… I collect and collect pictures until I'm blue in the face, as my dream home evolves by the week.  This evolution involves editing, re-creating, discovering.  There seems to be a consistent play of light and dark, minimal but textured, indoor vs exterior.

Please join me indulge in my pinterest picks of the week.

24 July 2015

IKEA Catalogue Launch 2016

I couldn't have been more excited about the 2016 catalogue launch of IKEA!  This year it all starts with food and with sustainable materials + sustainability in mind.  These are very important subjects for IKEA as a company as they communicate it more and more to us and our families in more ways than just visual merchandising.  All the hidden messages are incorporated in every little nook and cranny.  Take a close peek, and you will find them!

The impressive press event was set in Gary's Loft in NYC-- an all-white raw space with vignettes of the new collections we expect to thrive in our homes this year.  I had the privilege of having my hands in helping create these vignette families, and it was the most inspiring project to have participated in to date!  Oh,  and by the way,  I never  thought I'd enjoy planting herbs in pallets!  Hmm, is there a growing green thumb in there somewhere??

Here are my favourite corners...

Here's why you need to keep your eyes peeled:

  • SINNERLIG.  A fantastic collaboration with none other than the great Ilse Crawford.
  • IKEA 365+   dinnerware, glassware and cookware are new and improved classics.  
  • SEKTION kitchen.   The kitchen of the future!
  • SITTNING.  A limited edition of beautiful table setting collection, focusing on sustainable materials like Acacia wood, glass, stone, and cotton in various colour stories.
  • HEMSMAK jars + containers for pickling and preserving.  Enjoy organizing your food using labels designed by Reykjavik Letterpress.

And in case you missed it, there is also a rooftop greenhouse!  But that's a whole other story coming your way...

Images by  K R i S P I N T E R I O R

22 July 2015

Monochrome Living by Hege

I'm a fan of Hege in France.  Her blog is a pleasure to read with lots of great ideas.  But I especially love it when she shares photos of her home in Scotland.  Her monochrome living room is a lovely array of classics, industrial, and IKEA.  That print is so intriguing too, that it gave that window illusion.  The Reverie poster is available on Hege's online shop S2 20.  Love it!