27 January 2015

Rustic and Primitive in NYC

Yup, you read it right.   Even though I sway towards a more modern setting, those that know me very well can say the rustic influence is strong and somehow comes forth in my work, in little ways or big ways.  There's usually a touch of that beat-up primitive farm table or a wooden basin in what appears to be a glossy, krisp or smooth interior setting.  My very first condo renovation had floors made of raw concrete tiles that I had custom ordered from a Spanish tile company.  Beneath the Le Corbusier sofa and chairs lay concrete flooring in the living room, leading to an outdoor space filled with gravel-covered grounds and an old, salvaged chunk of a humongous tree trunk acting as a bench.  Was it modern? Yes.  Was it primitive in ways?  Yes.  It was a fantastic combination!

These images are of Robert De Niro's TriBeCa Penthouse where he commissioned Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt whose work is so recognizable.  I was indeed floored!  Amazing, the cocktail of reclaimed wood textures, rough concrete, linen slipcovers and window treatment.  It's as if a restored farmhouse was plopped on top this bustling metropolitan district in Manhattan.  As primitive as it looks, it is sooo modern.  Is it an old castle or converted farmhouse in Belgium?  Or is it some old building in Gion, Kyoto?  What a piece of paradise -- my kind of paradise…

Photography via The Greenwich Hotel

24 January 2015

California in Denmark

On this dreadful, wet nor'easter weekend morning I can't help but think of my undying California dreams.  Luckily last week I came across this home tour on lovely SF Girl By Bay, and truly, the cacti caught my attention!  With drought a never-ending dilemma in California, I shout-out to the homeowners that embrace desert curb appeal, using gravel, cacti and succulents instead of grass and lush water-thriving greenery.  Going back to my Cali dreams, this Danish flat would make a perfect desert oasis.  Just imagine mountains in the landscape.

Aside from that, I can't get over the sophisticated minimal, achromatic manner of decorating. Oh, that bedroom!

Found on SF Girl By Bay via BoBedre
Photography Birgitta Wolfgang Drier

You may see another post captured by Birgitta Wolfgang Drier, but in Morocco, here.  

23 January 2015

Sucabaruca by Luca Nichetto

The Nor'easter storm is looming in the tri-state area, putting a damper on New Yorkers' weekend plans.  For me these storms make me look forward to good cups of coffee and reading a book!

Speaking of coffee...  last winter my favorite Toronto store Mjölk launched Italian designer Lucca Nichetto's Sucabaruca.  No need to tell you this product is on my wish list.

"Pop" collection is a tribute to artist and photographer Jean-Paul Goude.

Inspired by Martin Margiela is the white porcelain collection.

The pastel collection is said to be influenced by the "colour and sensitivity used in Japanese architecture".

Lucca Nichetto has been recently linked with his colleague Oki Sato Nendo, whom both are widely known as Nichetto-Nendo during the launch in Milan Design Week 2013.

A known collaborator, Lucca has also been famous for working along side other labels like Foscarini, Casamina, and Cassina, to name a few.

Source kitka 

22 January 2015

Hello House Bird

There are times when I'm really thankful for Facebook.  Being a member of the 
Mid-century Modern Group I come across some really fantastic images and nostalgia. The image below I thought was funny and somewhat touching.

Eames House Bird

17 January 2015


My flooring wants and wishes could be infinite.  I'm open to a lot of options.  I do like reclaimed wood floors, leaving them as is, with their weathered finishes in different natural tones.  Funny enough, I've been seeing this in some retail shops, my favorite being Urban Outfitters here in Lower Manhattan!  But the dream of all dreams is either of the following:

1. Black floors
2. White floors

Am I so predictable!  (I can hear my friends answer this out loud in unison)

Thanks to My Scandinavian Home she once again featured the home of Swedish photographer Jakob Nyland whose home is currently up for grabs.  That flooring made me *gasp*!  And you know I have admiration of how key people work with a small space.  I love the floating credenza with strategic way of displaying collections.  They're all very different objects, and yet so unified.  And that collage! BUT- most of all, the industrial work desk floored me!  You like?

16 January 2015

Is Minimalism a Struggle?

Some folks cannot envision a home in grey scale, or any kind of achromatic scheme.  Minimalism is a struggle, a turn-off, or simply lifeless and cold.  I tend to disagree.  I often work with texture and treat it like colour.  I love Pella Hedeby's response to people's doubts:

"But is it too colourless, dull and boring?  Or do you feel like I do, a calm and a liberating feeling in a room with simple and restrained decoration?  For me it is enough to add a shaggy sheepskin in order to experience total cosiness factor.  And instead of colour I chose to combine materials such as Carrara marble, concrete wood and textiles with structures.  It is enough just like that."

As you know I've been struggling to keep the bedroom and workspace as calm as possible.  I've been searching for perfect inspiration for some time now.  This home reflects ALL my ideal details, or lack thereof.  Styled by Pella, she never disappoints!

Interior styling Pella Hedeby
Photography Kristofer Johnsson

15 January 2015

Living Small even for Big People

The Big Apple is a tough cookie.  The city of endless opportunities, it never sleeps, and is a melting pot.  Name it, you can do it here!  But living in the big city has its price.  Even the big names start somewhere small.  I can name a few celebrities who lived in Brooklyn prior to much coveted, over-priced Greenwich Village or TriBeCa.

Today I share with you the small studio that belonged to the late James Dean.  Yup, I had a crush on him too...  He lived in his West Side studio until his death in 1955.  He lived modestly when he was away from Hollywood.  Nothing but him and his books and music.  It was  a fifth floor walk-up (just like my very own flat) and small space living to the fullest -- built-ins to the ceiling, and what seemed to be a modular set that included three main functions of the home:  Sleep, work, entertain.

Photography Dennis Stock

11 January 2015

Kitchen Lab

I am far away from moving to a new place...  Still living in NYC, but that doesn't stop me from concocting ideas for the next digs!  Always dreaming of an all-white space, my future kitchen will reflect all that is white with a touch of rustic wood, and of course a few black accents.  But mostly white, in its most antiseptic, cold, and sharp aesthetic.  I guess you can say I love the laboratory look -- YES I DO!

Mostly inspired by a few bloggers' homes, one that stood out to me is Maja's kitchen.  Maja owns Musta Ovi, a wonderful collection of ideas for building a dream home.  And boy-o-boy do I share those wants and needs!  She's got a fantastic eye, and her kitchen is a manifestation of my dream kitchen!

I've been involved with setting up the new IKEA kitchen called SEKTION, so I've been engulfed with endless interior organization solutions.  Drawers-within-drawers -- wow.  This concept could completely eliminate the need for wall cabinets above your workspace perimeter!  A result more updated, clean, streamlined and seamless.  Who says you need to sacrifice your minimalist look because of your storage qualifications?  Maja's kitchen could be imitated with a more economic SEKTION.

10 January 2015

Weekend Inspiration: Minimal Paris

There is no denying how obsessed I am with Scandinavian Modern interiors.  But if you know me well, I am also quite gaga over modernized Parisian flats!  The herringbone flooring, the detailed moulding, old fireplaces, marble bathrooms.  I'm not one for too much details, although when it comes to older buildings I have a tendency to keep its original concept, even with signs of decay or age, detailed or not.  My approach is usually to furnish it with minimal, modern pieces, and let the space tell its own story.

This home in particular caught my eye as I browse the web.  Furnished exactly the way I find most appealing in such old spaces.  The resident owners have moved to the US but decided to use it for holidays.  Oh, and you can too (deets below).

Photography Marie Claire Fresquet
Rental Opportunity via Home Rental Service