27 September 2013

Winning Combination!

Copper. Dark walls. Cognac leather.  Black + White.  No explanation needed.  Now if only I can pick up all these items and plop them down in my flat.  All these elements belong there, including the Keith Haring bathtub...

79 ideas
Photography Jake Curtis

25 September 2013

Converted Printing Factory

There is nothing I love more than converted industrial spaces!  I've always tried to imagine what I could do to an old warehouse or abandoned building.  Somehow this has been some fascination and fantasy since my wee years, and that imagination was so alive during those LEGO years.

This was an old printing factory in Marseilles, France with a courtyard.  The industrial elements are kept intact, plus there is a good harmony between contemporary and vintage, farm appeal injected with pop fun, 60s era and colonial.  What a mix-- it's uber cool that I'm completely transported!

Photography Jean-Marc Wullshleger

Wednesday Words

22 September 2013

Goods for the study

A local neighborhood stop in Nolita must be McNally Jackson Books on Prince Street.  Sarah McNally knows the importance of stimulating the mind when it comes to your workspace.  What better way to dress your desk than with items that actually work and look good at the same time?  So she set up shop down the street...  I was flushed as I looked and touched each item -- everything here is beautiful...  From the wooden stapler to the brass scissors to the vintage 60s work lamps.  Let's not forget the art!  Just  E V E R Y T H I N G!

McNally Jackson Store: Goods for the Study on Mulberry Street

21 September 2013

In a New York state of mind


I've been living in a hotel in Philadelphia for almost a month now...  I find myself sifting through my archives of random snapshots and realizing how much I miss 
New York City  :(


Prince Street subway station

Wythe Hotel, Williamsburg

The High Line Park

Alexander Mcqueen fan


J'adore Clic 


Aamann's Danish Cafe, TriBeCa


NY when it rains

Financial District

Images  K R i S P I N T E R I O R

Weekend Krisp inspiration

I've waited long enough to post this amazing Stockholm apartment!  Needed to post it on a great saturday morning for a weekend house tour for you!  Pella Hedeby styled the flat with play on textures and interesting vignettes.  Typically Scandnavian black + whites + wood!

Photography Kristofer Johnsson

18 September 2013

Today's Inspiration: Ollie & Seb's Haus in Glasgow

My new obsession:  Ollie & Seb, one of the most styling couple from Glasgow.  So crisp, so sharp, so clean.  Enough said.  Their kids are stylish too!