22 September 2013

Goods for the study

A local neighborhood stop in Nolita must be McNally Jackson Books on Prince Street.  Sarah McNally knows the importance of stimulating the mind when it comes to your workspace.  What better way to dress your desk than with items that actually work and look good at the same time?  So she set up shop down the street...  I was flushed as I looked and touched each item -- everything here is beautiful...  From the wooden stapler to the brass scissors to the vintage 60s work lamps.  Let's not forget the art!  Just  E V E R Y T H I N G!

McNally Jackson Store: Goods for the Study on Mulberry Street


  1. Wow, what a shop! I'd like everything in it please. /Niki

    1. Oh Niki, my awful photos don't do this shop justice! I'm actually planning to go back and take proper pics using a proper camera! A repost will happen some time in the near future <3



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