04 January 2014

Ambition to Create Novel Expression

ACNE, for short.  A brand I have grown to love over the years, and it all started with the perfect pair of jeans...

“Where do you start if you make a modern brand, especially when you don’t have a fashion education? Denim is the most important garment of the modern world,” he says. “It’s the perfect canvas. Functional, pure, clean, generic, that means cool to me.”
“In Sweden, we have no fashion heritage,” Johansson says. “We are the country of H&M and IKEA. It’s about democracy. So you have to have a bit of playfulness.” LA Times.

Sweden may not have the fashion heritage Jonny Johansson speaks of, but the Swedes sure do know how to be fashionable!  ACNE finally opened its doors to the west coast.  The perforated metal is a material I've also played with in interior design school.  So modern, so now.  Here's to the New Year!

Images by Hypebeast

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