18 January 2016

Goods We Love | Scandi Secret in New York

These Danes in TriBeCa, Camilla Vest + Ricky Nordson, bumped into each other in a coffee shop only to discover their equal love for design which led them to a retailer's dream Goods We Love.  The home they've curated together serves as their showroom for objects and products from Scandinavia.  Not merely focusing on design alone, but also the ingenious aspects of practicality and function of Scandinavian thinking.  Clean, crisp, easy, beautiful.  Enough said.

Visit Goods We Love for its brands overview and details of the products shown above.  Be prepared to fall in love...

Styling Pernilla Vest
Photography Thomas Loof

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  1. Thank you for your kind words.

    Goods We Love


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