07 February 2016

One Room Living

Obsessed, what can I say?  Small spaces are so intriguing.  It truly tests one's ability to be smart and innovative.  Are you a city dweller?  Do you have brilliant solutions for you tiny space?  Here's one example on how to do one room living without making you feel as if you walked into an explosion of multi-rooms in a shoebox.

I love how the sleeping area is segregated by a simple wall colour -- it created that cozy corner.  Living in a small flat means smart furniture choices.  In this case light, movable accent chairs are used, as well as stackable ones which come in handy for extra seating when entertaining guests.  A drop leaf dining table can be tucked against a wall.  What's more, the table itself has built-in storage for items of immediate use such as coasters, napkins or your salt and pepper shakers.  The gallery wall also created a "room within a room" effect.  A cohesive monochromatic palette unifies this entire space.

To join my obsession with small spaces have a look at KRiSPINTERIOR pinterest board that I share with So Soft Sunday.  Also you can find my favourite small features here, here, and here.

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