04 September 2016

That Shelving!

Maiju's new home continues to be an inspiration. I love the new addition to the living room -- that HEM Lift shelving unit! These shelves are inspired by the scissor lift, and is a fabulous modular system designed by Swedish designer Staffan Holm. The krisp black lines and minimal styling produce such clean industrial effect. There is also a recurring pattern here that pulls the living room together from the rug, shelves to the sofa cushions.

 Maiju's homes have been featured on KRiSPINTERIOR in the past. Her monochrome approach with a hint of vintage Scandinavian, plus simplicity of everyday functionality just got me hooked from the first time I laid eyes on her blog: featured here and here, to name a few posts.

Styling Maiju Lagerstedt

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