07 September 2017

Historic vs. Contemporary

What is more painful than tearing down a historic piece of art such as a community building that was in function for generations? So why not restore it back its old glory and combine it with modern age materials and finishes? One perfect example is this dilapidated 80 year old post office building in Richmond, VA that was transformed to a new digital agency, Mobelux.

It is important for the original bones to be intact. But as time flew by, even the sturdy buildings begin to crumble. Complete restoration of architectural details was the main attention during its renovation, while contemporary touches were added to a bare minimum, keeping lines simple and modern so as to not lose the wonderful history this building offered its community through the decades. Trademark pieces from Herman Miller were the perfect choices, giving a classic 20th century look, and giving tribute to the old industrial era. Original P.O. boxes are kept in certain areas, as well as terazzo flooring throughout. Light fixtures by Schoolhouse Electric adds that special institutional touch. Vintage equipment gives this structure a museum-like atmosphere, bur also adds the quirky personality of its new creative crew.

The basement grounds offered a wind-down station for Mobelux employees, as well as quiet corners for the creative minds. This is by far a dream office, if you ask me. 

Photography Ethan Hickerson

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