21 May 2016

Industrial Living

For you city dwellers a home like this is "the dream".  In the 90s I myself spent time wandering about loft model homes in Toronto (such as The Candy Factory), fantasizing that same dream.  I lived in one… it was my first apartment with soaring 20 foot ceilings, brick walls and a skylight.  It smelled like chocolate outside because it was near a chocolate factory.  And my very first coffee table book when I was in college was called "The International Book of Lofts".  I still dream about it today. So you see, this dream never dies.

I came across this wonderful blog post on Vosgesparis and was immediately swooned.  The industrial vibe, the cement, the Spanish tiles, exposed piping, glass and metal partitions, and wood slatted walls… everything!  It has all those elements I would've picked myself if I were to build my own lofty apartment.  The very first condo I gut-renovated in 2000 had plain solid-colored cement tiles I had custom made by this Spanish tile company.  They had never done anything like that in their business and it started a brand new line in their portfolio.  It was amazing to see it here in this flat from across the globe -- someone else had the same vision!

Architecture Johan Israelson
Styling Tina Hellberg
Photography Johan Sellen


  1. Kale rampa sistemleri

  2. Love the tiles in your bathroom.. can you tell what the name of the style is and the manufacturer... just gorgeous! Thanks


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