12 July 2014

Weekend Question: Gallery or not?

White walls have been the rage in my world of late.  I've also spoken about white floors on my previous post.  But,  I can't help but still gravitate to the contrast of dark floors adjacent to white walls.  

My heart melts when I see sophisticated, masculine homes with a tasteful collection of art and objects against an all-white backdrop. Based on what some of you have expressed to me, a good collage is often a challenge… How to arrange it?  Structured or random?  One statement or use several walls?  Same sized frames with like materials and colour or a variety?  The possibilities are endless.  

Uffe Buchard is the editor in chief of Dansk magazine.  His home is a sophisticated gallery of collections.  It is also a montage of warm woods and cognac leather, embracing different textures of concrete, bentwood, stone, and reclaimed wood.

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