23 April 2016

Rustic Getaway

The warmer temperatures have enticed me to sift through beach rental properties.  Mind you I tend to go on a lower budget side since "roughing it" is never truly an issue.  But one can always dream, right?  Last December I was lucky enough to spend a week in Riviera Maya.  It was gorgeous! Although nothing quite compares to the turquoise waters, the impeccable views and my wonderful villa in Santorini.  It's been a couple of years, and I am constantly day-dreaming to experience it once again…

For now I share with you this wonderful dreamy property in St. Bart's.  Swooned by the rustic environment -- all that texture and crisp whites. I can only imagine those lazy, breezy afternoons.

Visit Villa Palmier if this suits your ideal setting for a summer getaway in the Carribean.  I'm certainly bookmarking this!  

Photography Kate Holstein

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