06 September 2014

Weekend Inspiration: Modern Rustic Perfection

In New Zealand this family created this modern rustic perfection.  Clean lines, contrasts between white and black accents, smooth versus textured.  This is my ultimate dream!  Marrying rustic elements with ergonomic modern design, and that Danish krisp styling...

According to homeowner Christina Ravnholt, she tells Bo Bedre:

"My home is indeed my cave. Candles and dark evenings are some of the best I know. I could stay with lots of wallpapers and trinkets, but my husband is primarily the tight Danish design, so I had to go look for a happy medium. In order to soften the clean lines up and amplify the warm and slightly dark mood, I have given an element of nature in my decor with pine cones, moss, branches, horns and skins. But also an oriental atmosphere, which I think both room more elegance and something cozy."

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