26 September 2014

Creative Minds love IKEA

Whether you are minimalist or maximalist, IKEA offers various solutions.  Through the years I've learned that great creative minds know how to mix their highs and lows, their lights and darks, their organized mess, and their freaky neat!  And most of all, they know how to use IKEA in the most beautiful way.

Fashion blogger, Rebecca Centren and her partner Andreas, a carpenter, share this home located in a fishing village in Sweden.  I admire Rebecca's fine, crisp taste, and I can never say enough about it (as shown here, here, here)!  It's almost embarrassing how high I get indulging on images of their home. I am blown away each time- what can I say!

Thanks iKEA live for sharing "The New Minimalists"!

Photography Line Ikse
Styling Pernilla Warnhammar | Rebecca Centren

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