20 June 2015

New York Refurbished Loft

Finally out of vacation mode, so many projects looming here at the apartment.  The next few weekends will be jam-packed with renos…  Speaking of NYC renos, now that I'm back on track the inspirations are flooding in!

First up, this TriBeCa loft truly floored me!  I looove designers that respect the old patina of a structure, removing the rotten parts and keeping the genuine sturdy roughness underneath.  Oh, it's so my style too-- nothing beats a rustic texture in a modern setting in my world!

Magdalena Keck knows how to do the trick.  This gorgeous pied- á-terre in TriBeCa though rejected permits to extend an outdoor space more than 18 inches, Keck was a genius and transformed small windows to French doors adding a brand new dimension to the living area.   Oh, that amazing wood above old ceiling tins!  A small, long and narrow bedroom didn't compromise closet space!  The linens added softness and visual interest.

OK, when can I move in??

Source Remodelista
Interior Architecture and Design Magdalena Keck
Photography Jeff Cate

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