21 June 2015

Brooklyn in Moscow

How do creatives make the most of their space?  One thing is for sure - everything you look at in their home is interesting and most often with history attached to it.  Harry grew up rearranging his grandmother's furniture with ease.  It felt like a natural "thing" for him to do, then later discover an ID magazine which got him so hooked that he hasn't stopped ever since.

Moving to Moscow with Marya got his creative juices flowing.  They have since established their own design company Crosby Studios.  Harry  is now an architect, interior designer and graphic designer, while Marya is the creative director.  Together they have created this innovative home -- raw and honest, doesn't it just resonate Brooklyn styling?  It is so young New York, I love it.

When on a budget, it's best to combine IKEA with your favorite designer pieces.  It works, I promise!

Photography Jenny Brandt

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