21 August 2015

Mono Greys, Green, Linen + Rustic Wood

Simply and utterly obsessed!  I cannot get over my recent love for greys and greens.  And style-wise I think I'm come to truly realize I am more drawn to the mix of vintage, icons, hints of industrial and weathered woods as opposed to staged and glossy.  Surely you can relate…

Styling Marie Ramse
Photography Sara Danielsson


  1. Hi the picture send from the last... what paint color is that?!?! bwooley27@yahoo.com

    1. The picture second from the last (sorry about the error)

    2. Hello. Unfortunately the source of this blog entry did not specify the paint colors used. But I am confident you can find these tones of greens in Benjamin Moore. Trend forecasts in 2015 were mostly greys and greens. These are some links with examples:

      1. http://www.alifewelllivedblog.com/2014/05/21/gray-paint-colors/

      I've used some of the paints on the first link in my work, and they are beautiful.

      Good luck, I hope you find the perfect shade.
      X, Kris


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