27 August 2016

An Artist's Cape Cod Escape

A couple's escape from city life brings them to Truro, MA. An old artist's home embracing that Cape Cod experience is refurbished using IKEA products and vintage finds. I always love a drive to the country, smell the trees and fresh air, waking up to birds and rustling leaves.  I guess New York just gets too noisy and over stimulated that once in a while your brain just needs a break from it all. This would be a perfect hideaway.

Photography Justine Hand

26 August 2016

Black Shelf | Dark Trending

If I were to pick one single favorite product in IKEA, it would be the BOTKYRKA shelf. It is versatile, minimal, durable, and sleek. You can just imagine how I flipped out when I discovered it will be introduced in black. A perfect accessory to go with your dark trending home.

Stil Inspiration for livet hemma
Styling Pella Hedeby
Photography Ragnar Omarsson

22 August 2016

Minimal, Monochromatic + Fresh

The home of my dreams often change and evolve through the years. And even in the recent years it has also tuned into something a little less decorated, more art on the walls, lesser or no colours, functional and not fancy. Negative space to me is a luxury. The eyes need to rest.

The other day I shared with you my favorite of favorites of places - Maja's home. It is a major swoon alert. This home is my imagined dream home, materialised (no joke). White accented with polished concrete walls and flooring, walls of windows/doors, loads of natural light, mix of warm woods with clean Scandinavian lines, minimal, and black accents. Hints of wood create the small touches of warmth. You can just imagine the excitement in my bones when she shared a tour of her home...

Musta Ovi

19 August 2016

Go Outside

Certainly most of you blessed with a terrace have outfitted it for the season. Did you furnish it with teak,  cork,  concrete,  or perhaps d.i.y. pallets? Endless fun options out there.

Today let's take a peek at Maja's wonderful,  krisp, minimal outdoor space.  Of course with that trademark Finnish clean lines which I'm admittedly a huge fan. And ahhh yes, those SINNERLIG products can't look any better.

And not to mention how much I'm going ga-ga over the black exterior paint! If you like black as well check out my old post (Maja's previous home exterior) here, and this black bedroom here, these gorgeous black herringbone floors here, and this black poolhouse here.

Check out more of Maja's work on pinterest!

Musta Ovi
Styling Maja Wickman

16 August 2016

14 August 2016

Dining Room Crush

Not only do I adore refurbished old architecture, a monochromatic scheme is maybe my (un)healthy obsession -- some find it funny and predictable perhaps (you can ask my friends). But hey, we all have our quirks, mine just happen to be colourless...  Well, put the above obsessions together when I found this beautiful dining space. Sometimes when you move in to an old, rickety apartment, all you need is a clean coat of white paint and minimal furniture.

Super crushing on the furniture choices, of course! I love bentwood bistro chairs in any room actually. This dining set is completed with an old bench, as well as a large farm table (which I am also a huge fan of, having grown up in homes with rustic interiors). The artfully curated picture collage adds to the modern surprise, as well as the Le Corbusier chair in the corner. Very Scandinavian, very krisp.


13 August 2016

Dreamy Grey Bedroom

Linen sheets have been my latest obsession. Finally made a little investment on Belgian linen sets from Restoration Hardware. Staying with white and monochromatic greys, the bedroom has finally reached a semi-sanctuary level (still many corners to de-clutter - that's another story). As you may have noticed, grey is the colour of the moment yet again. The city heat waves are rather unbearable, and the thought of black gives me goosebumps. A bit difficult for someone who owns a primarily black wardrobe.

Today will reach 110 degrees here in New York, which could mean staying in. This dreamy grey bedroom makes me want to enjoy my heather grey pjs and lounge around. What the heck - it's the weekend.

Happy Saturday!

source ALVHEM

12 August 2016

Achromatic | Finding the Perfect Grey

Nina Holst of Stylizimo blog was one of the first stylists I followed. Her krisp black + white monochromatic schemes really hit the spot at the time. She has since then moved to larger digs with expansive open spaces with impressive interiors (needless to say).

Well, the black walls have evolved to the
"Perfect Grey Color", as how she put it. It is perfect indeed!  Mixed with cognac leather and shades of white.  I'm awaiting what she plans behind the SODERHAMN sectional. But oh that Flos lamp is gorgeous!

Styling and images Nina Holst

11 August 2016

New Corners | My Home

Some corners just needed a refresh.  Plants are a newly discovered enjoyment despite the lack of light which is rather common in NY dwellings. Believe me when i say I'm no green thumb. Meet the bonsai and succulents!

And since natural light is a rare commodity, atmospheric lighting is a must.  Finally installed the new favorite at home--got to try it out last night.  Meet Lampe Gras! As well as the Menu Yeh table.

My home goes through so many changes.  Constantly evolving...

07 August 2016

Ideal Live/Work

Probably like most of you creatives out there, in my 20s I lived in live/work artists' spaces. A loft was the ideal studio and one lived surrounded by art supplies, lighting equipment, industrial sinks and lamps, mismatched chairs and stools, trestle tables, dumpster dive finds. Name all those innovative furniture pieces -- an artist had it.

This live/work space is a dream. the monochromatic scheme allowed a harmonious, cohesive mixture of objects and textures. Clustered items with a recurring theme look like pieces of art on their own. I could live here...

Photography Anders Bergstedt