22 August 2016

Minimal, Monochromatic + Fresh

The home of my dreams often change and evolve through the years. And even in the recent years it has also tuned into something a little less decorated, more art on the walls, lesser or no colours, functional and not fancy. Negative space to me is a luxury. The eyes need to rest.

The other day I shared with you my favorite of favorites of places - Maja's home. It is a major swoon alert. This home is my imagined dream home, materialised (no joke). White accented with polished concrete walls and flooring, walls of windows/doors, loads of natural light, mix of warm woods with clean Scandinavian lines, minimal, and black accents. Hints of wood create the small touches of warmth. You can just imagine the excitement in my bones when she shared a tour of her home...

Musta Ovi


  1. Replies
    1. Ah yes indeed! I drool each time i look at it.


  2. I just love the fresh clean design of this apartment. Beautiful.

    1. Without a doubt- it tops my list of dream homes. It's actually a fully detached house surrounded by stunning, tranquil gardens.

      X, Kris


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