14 August 2016

Dining Room Crush

Not only do I adore refurbished old architecture, a monochromatic scheme is maybe my (un)healthy obsession -- some find it funny and predictable perhaps (you can ask my friends). But hey, we all have our quirks, mine just happen to be colourless...  Well, put the above obsessions together when I found this beautiful dining space. Sometimes when you move in to an old, rickety apartment, all you need is a clean coat of white paint and minimal furniture.

Super crushing on the furniture choices, of course! I love bentwood bistro chairs in any room actually. This dining set is completed with an old bench, as well as a large farm table (which I am also a huge fan of, having grown up in homes with rustic interiors). The artfully curated picture collage adds to the modern surprise, as well as the Le Corbusier chair in the corner. Very Scandinavian, very krisp.


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